Alex Piquet & Marcos Brazil spending Valentines Day at Kids in Distress.

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The heart sometimes go places that we never imagined we could reach. Even reasoning with our hearts is difficult, and sometimes things come to you, and we can only think that God has really mysterious ways. I met Luiz Piquet when he arrived in Orlando, due to business and somehow we connected. His sons Cristiano and Alex Piquet are connected to many Community affairs in Miami, South Florida, and for this reason I was invited to participate in this event on Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t make it and I now that got the pictures, my heart breaks , because I could not be a part of something so grand, reason why I decided to write about it.

You  will understand as you look at every single picture, the expression, the look in the eye, the happiness and the uncertainty . Kids are strong, resilient, they have a passion, and a hope that is unbreakable, but sometimes life is not so kind, and we have to try for at least one day,to  make it better, to make it work, so they can go on with that day in their memory, reminding them, they had a memorable day, with happiness and fun and security, among people who did not harm them.
Kids should be promised a great life  from day one, and I am glad people who can, stopped everything they had to do to give their children at Kids in Distress, a great day, regardless.
Marcos Brazil and Attorney Alex Piquet, along with a master crew and family members and teachers, provided a great event, The First Valentine’s Day Barbecue at Kids in Distress.
Check the pictures they are worth a million words.

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