New Year, New Shoes, New Onitsuka Tiger


ONITSUKA TIGER NEW IN 2013 ONITSUKA TIGER NEW IN 2013New Year, New Shoes, New Onitsuka Tiger

For 2013, Brand Adds Two Updated Models and Relaunches Website
With the mission of outfitting trendsetters around the world, Onitsuka Tiger kicks off 2013 with two exciting launches. The brand is proud to release a new iteration of its classic shoe, the TIGER CORSAIR®, and a variation of the popular MEXICO 66®, the RIO RUNNER(TM). Complementing these introductions, Onitsuka Tiger has revamped the brand website to feature a more graphic, visual and user-friendly interface for fans and consumers


The brand’s innovative history inspired the look and feel of its latest sneakers. In 1969, Dr. Bill Bowerman of Blue Ribbon Sports, makes a proposal that leads to the development of a revolutionary type of jogging shoe with high cushioning and comfort. This shoe that offered both good design as well as new functionality became the center of the worldwide jogging boom of the 1970s. Sports shoes, which had previously only been for competitive use, became a lifestyle-based fashion item. This epoch-making product was first called CORTEZ. Then in 1976, the name was changed to TIGER CORSAIR®.

Fast-forward to 2013. The new TIGER CORSAIR® VIN has been updated with a modern silhouette yet still retains its classic design elements of a slim fit and long toe.  The shoe is also available in a limited edition with iconic golden thread and classic red stripes reminiscent of the original 1969 version.  As the first hero model in the new year, the TIGER CORSAIR® VIN is now available at select retailers for $80.00.

Continuing to trumpet the brand’s most successful products, Onitsuka Tiger has released a modern-day successor to its popular MEXICO 66® model, the RIO RUNNER(TM). This fashionably versatile shoe, available in vivid pop color combinations, fuses classic Onitsuka Tiger elements with grooves along the entire sole to improve flexibility and cushioning. The RIO RUNNER(TM) is available for purchase at select retailers for a suggested retail price of $75.00.

Accompanying the new sneaker launches, the recently updated brand website serves as a digital hub for all Onitsuka Tiger enthusiasts and curious consumers.  The site now features an up-to-the-minute news section with new release information, brand events and local happenings, as well as a social media element with a “STYLE” section encouraging fans to capture their fashion sense on Instagram with the tag #onitsukatiger.  Favorite styles will be featured live on the Onitsuka Tiger website.

“We are especially proud of the enthusiasm and devoted fan base Onitsuka Tiger has garnered in the years since the brand’s inception,” said Colin Brickley, Onitsuka Tiger Sales & Marketing Manager.  “Our new shoe styles and more accessible website help Onitsuka Tiger stay current with its core market and fans. It sets the brand on the path to success in the months ahead.”

You can also experience Onitsuka Tiger on social media through their Facebook page ( and on Twitter ( for the latest brand and product updates.

Onitsuka Tiger shoes are available at select retailers nationwide.  Visit for more information.

Onitsuka Tiger, the forerunner of ASICS, was born in 1949.
The brand began with Kihachiro Onitsuka’s commitment to promote youth health through sport.
Since then, Onitsuka Tiger became synonymous with premium performance in sport.
The legend lives on today as a lifestyle brand in the fusion of Japanese heritage and modern flair.
With designs ranging from updated classic silhouettes to new styles and collaborations with like-minded artists and cultural connoisseurs, the spirit of Japan resonates in each new collection of Onitsuka Tiger shoes, apparel and accessories. Visit for more information.

The stripe design featured on the sides of Onitsuka Tiger shoes is a trademark of ASICS Corporation and is a registered trademark in most countries of the world.

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