World’s First Customizable Pro Headphones Now Available from New-Concept Headphone Company Myth Labs


World’s First Customizable Pro Headphones Now Available from New-Concept Headphone Company Myth Labs

Headphone speakers correspond to different musical genres allowing for optimized sound quality based on genre preferences

Myth Labs headphones are customized to fit individual lifestyles and music collections. Using patent-pending sonic signature technology, everyone has the opportunity to discover their unique sonic match. Myth headphones are modular, offering interchangeable headbands and speakers so the user can easily upgrade or change the style or sound experience of their headphones.

Myth sound is tailored to the listener, using a variety of speakers designed to fit different types of music genres and audio files. All Myth speakers are made using unique metal compounds and innovative manufacturing technologies to produce passive noise-canceling headphones that keep the music in and the environmental noise out, without affecting or reducing the sound quality of the music. All speaker models were designed to produce a wide and accurate soundstage that complements both high and low quality audio files.

Myth’s Ergonomic design provides users of every lifestyle the ability to enjoy the headphones their way. Myth headphones can be used for mixing and mastering, recording, phone calls and music. All headphones come with a reinforced auxiliary cable with built-in microphone and controller to increase headphone functionality. Myths modular design is made using fortified stainless steel construction to ensure this headgear is both flexible and durable. Mythbands(TM) and speakers come in a variety of colors.

iMyth Labs Sonic Signature(TM) application: user-friendly, free application (available for iOS and coming soon for Android devices) designed to help the individual determine which headphones complement their lifestyle and music. By scanning music libraries for popular genres and overall sound quality, the app assigns a sonic match guaranteed to optimize the user’s listening experience.

Myth Labs is currently designing more speakers to expand sonic characters and sound options to complement a variety of music genres. The initial launch of Myth Labs headphones includes Myth’s Genesis and Eclipse models:

Myth Genesis speakers are lightweight, designed to bring the best out of lower-quality music sources including low-bitrate MP3 files, YouTube videos or analog equipment. Genesis transforms low quality mp3s to emit optimum sound with perfected tonal reproduction.

Myth Eclipse speakers are versatile, designed to expose intricate elements in the music often lost with average audio equipment. Eclipse is best suited for high quality audio files, offering accurate bass, mids, and treble with beautiful lifelike soundstage.

Genesis and Eclipse headphones are currently available for purchase through Myth Labs website and on Amazon. Interested buyers can “Like” Myth Labs on Facebook to receive a 10% discount on all headphone models. Myth Labs’ products will soon become available for purchase online on Best Buy, Barnes and Nobel Marketplace, eBay, Kmart, Sears, and other leading e-commerce websites.

Myth Labs Headphones
Make your own Myth(TM)


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