Mini Melts Ice Cream Scoops Up Nationwide Roll Out

MINI MELTS USA, INC. KIOSKMini Melts USA, Inc.  Mini Melts Ice Cream will soon be available through automated retail kiosks manufactured exclusively by Fastcorp LLC in most Walmart (NYSE: WMT) stores nationwide.  “Our Automated Kiosks provide superior merchandising and they are the most energy efficient and reliable kiosks on the market.  We are thrilled to be part of this program with two exceptional companies, Walmart and Mini Melts,” said Todd Piatnik, President of Fastcorp LLC.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Walmart customers throughout the United States, by not only providing a premium ice cream product, but by doing so consistently with Walmart’s low-price philosophy,” said Dan Kilcoyne, President of Mini Melts USA, Inc.

“Many other national partners are taking advantage of our program, which adds high incremental sales revenue per square foot,” said Charlie Hanna, Vice President of Business Development of Mini Melts USA, Inc.

“We plan to continue sharing this opportunity with our growing operator network,” said Shawn Kilcoyne, CEO of Mini Melts USA, Inc.  “We have chosen to remain an alternative to franchising in our industry, which we believe will keep a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit among our network and keep our operators focused on growing opportunities while minimizing start-up costs.   My brother and I have been in this industry for 15 years and we are happy to share our knowledge of running a profitable beaded ice cream operation.”

Mini Melts has raised the bar in the beaded ice cream category, by using a 14% butterfat and the highest quality ingredients available. Mini Melts is the Premium choice in beaded ice cream.  Mini Melts is manufactured through a patented process that uses liquid nitrogen to flash freeze the ice cream and lock in its flavor while keeping out air and ice which would dilute the flavor.  Its novelty and delicious taste keeps kids and adults alike coming back again and again.  Mini Melts is offered through automated retail kiosks, carts and serving freezers in thousands of venues such as theme parks, entertainment centers, retail stores, shopping malls, zoos and anywhere people, particularly children, congregate.  For more information, please visit

SOURCE  Mini Melts USA, Inc.


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