Orlando Brewing 7th Anniversary

We were invited by Mary to participate of their 7th Anniversary celebration, we were  also very curious and  had never been to a Brewery before. When we arrived we were surprised to see so many friends and clients. The place is dog friendly and kids friendly, that is a plus, the atmosphere is great and the Tour is a reassurance that the beer is authentic, organic and the best beer we ever had.

Outside they had a food truck Feed your face, good food by the way,and they also had live music, we saw entire families celebrate, sing and dance , kids playing, a true celebration. The idea of a brewery, that also has a very busy bar is great!  The people that serve are very welcoming including the two owners that will give you a tour and tell you the story and the particulars on their products. We learned about the way the beer is made and we understand why it is so good, and the best of all not pasteurized and fully organic green beer!

The first time I ever heard the term, and their trade mark, LIQUID BREAD, like it shows in the neon sign at the Bar. As you talk and learn about it you understand the dinamic of the place and it is really nice, we crave to go back and relax! We recommend! Everyone should try.

Proud owners were introducing a new beer to celebrate the occasion and everyone was happy with the obvious success. We thank Mary for the opportunity and also John and Ed the Owners for the warm welcome. Check the pictures!!!!

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