La Tertulia 4 Gatos- VIVA ECUADOR!!!!

Talented Hispanic exponents reading, poetry, music, theater and other facets of art, in what is called the Tertulia 4Gatos. , and it  is a palece for the  art lovers. and for those who want to share their artistic talents.

This year, they completed  their 4th anniversary, they began meeting in South Creek Public Library, with the initiative of  Maria Emma Fernandez, from Colombia, with the objective to promote Latin Art.

La Tertulia  4 Cats, was created after  Maria’s  Journey  to Spain, where she visited a Cafe 4 Cats, where  renowned artists such as Picasso, Dalí, García Lorca and Darius.

She loved the name and never forgot the impression she had, of sitting on the same chair as Picasso and many famous artists. After this trip, she suggested to the group to be named as Tertulia 4 Gatos.

This informal evening meeting at the Library is free and open to anyone who wants to have a  pleasant time reading, poetry,listening to good music, or storytelling. The art  experience, is also a highlight in the meetings.

In this celebration, many people from the Community received awards, and also, an  extended  open invitation to the Ecuadorian community in Central Florida was given.

The event counted with many proud Ecuatorians, that showed, love and pride to their  Mother land, which gage the event a very special feeling.

Many performances and participants were from Ecuador.

Cuban Actor-Director Augusto Beranio, recited the poem “Thanks to Life” , at its recent meeting.

Also, Victor Po Dominican singer performed songs from her repertoire and artistic experience with singer Wilfrido Vargas.

The  Anniversary celebration wast a special event at the Central Public Library in Downtown Orlando.

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