Madama Butterfly at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre.

We were invited to a working Rehearsal for the Opera Series Program II 2012-2013 – Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Christopher Wilkins and Directed by Robert Swedberg, Assistant Director, JJ Hudson, Scenic Designer Lisa Buck, Production Manager Bobbie Demme-San Filipo. The opera was Madama Butterfly, music by Giacomo Puccini, based on the Story by  John Luther Long and play by David Belasco. The Opera was sung in Italian with subtitles, in two parts Madama Butterfly was performed by Shu Ying Lee and B.F. Pinkerton by Brian Jagde, The setting was Nagasaki, Japan, around 1900.

Madama Butterfly was played for the first time in 1904 at Scala-Milan.

The Opera is an appeal to  your most  emotional  self, in the highest Drama of a woman that is abandoned by her military American husband in Japan, the situation culminates when she is facing poverty, with a son and she refuses to understand that he is no longer coming back after three years since the last time she saw him. Madama Butterfly left all her traditions to please her American husband when she married, and after three years. The performance was impecable with a beautiful wardrobe and magnificent voices that spoke to your heart. It was a great spectacle .


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