You Have to Feel it to Believe It: Trojan(TM) Expands Its Bedroom Offering with the Launch of Trojan(TM) Lubricants

Announcement comes on the heels of new research from Indiana University, which reveals that 82 percent of users believe lubricant enhances sexual pleasure

The makers of TROJAN(TM) Sexual Health products today announced the launch of TROJAN(TM) Lubricants, the latest pleasure-enhancing innovation available at retailers nationwide. The new line includes three high-quality varieties, each specially designed to offer a sensual way to increase intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom.

The announcement comes on the heels of new data from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion, which reveals lubricant is a bedroom mainstay, as more than two-thirds of Americans have used lubricant in their lifetime(1). ATROJAN(TM) LUBRICANTS LUBRICANTSmericans are clearly feeling the benefits with nearly 82 percent of users believing lubricant enhances sexual pleasure(1).

“As couples explore their sexuality, the need for variety is critical, and it’s clear that lubricants can be a game-changer in bringing that added pleasure and comfort into couples’ relationships,” said Dr. Logan Levkoff, Sexual Health Educator and Member of the Trojan(TM) Sexual Health Advisory Council. “Based on the research, stigmas tied to lubricant usage are a thing of the past, and more couples are making lubricant a staple in the bedroom.”

Research from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion also shows that from intercourse and partner play, to solo use, lubricant is seen as a key player in taking pleasure to the next level, as nearly half of users agree lubricant makes it easier to have an orgasm(1).

“Attitudes have shifted, and lubricants are no longer seen solely as a solution to a problem, but rather an enhancement to pleasure,” said Bruce Weiss, Vice President of Marketing for Trojan(TM). “Knowing Americans are turning to lubricant to raise the pleasure index in the bedroom, we’re pleased to offer consumers high-quality products that up the intimacy and fun for couples.”

Slip Into Something Sexy – Trojan Lubricants Come in Three Distinct Varieties:

—  Arouses & IntensifiesTROJAN(TM) Arouses & Intensifies Lubricant is
perfect for foreplay massage or clitoral stimulation to help enhance
sensations during intercourse and take passion to new heights.

—  Continuous SilkinessTROJAN(TM) Continuous Silkiness Lubricant is deeply
sensual and wonderfully silky, offering a thrilling, natural feeling.
This smooth, silky pleasure will take couple’s intimacy to a new level.

—  Tingly WarmthTROJAN(TM) Tingly Warmth Lubricant offers an irresistible
combination of tantalizing tingle & pleasurable warmth leading to
sensual stimulations that provide waves of satisfying pleasure.
TROJAN(TM) Lubricants were developed after years of rigorous research combined with consumer insights, and are available at retail locations nationwide. This latest launch is part of the makers of TROJAN(TM) Lubricants ongoing commitment to provide couples everywhere with accessible products that enhance pleasure.

To learn more about TROJAN(TM) Lubricants or other TROJAN(TM) product innovations, visit or

About TROJAN(TM) Lubricants
TROJAN(TM) Lubricants is the latest pleasure-enhancing innovation from America’s most trusted sexual health brand. The new line includes three high-quality varieties, each specially designed to offer an intensified sexual experience that increases intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom. For more information, visit

About the Center for Sexual Health Promotion
The Center for Sexual Health Promotion is a collaborative of sexual health scholars from across the campuses of Indiana University and strategic partner academic institutions around the globe who, in partnership with practitioners from community-based health organizations, government and industry, work toward advancing the field of sexual health through our research, education and training initiatives. At our core is a commitment to the active engagement of graduate students in our work, all in an effort to grow the next generation of sexual health scholars and practitioners. The Center for Sexual Health Promotion is based in the School of Public Health Indiana University-Bloomington. For more information on the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, visit

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