NSHMBA Happy Hour at Terrace 390-Downtown Orlando

NSHMBA_LogoFor the ones that are not familiar NSHMBA means National  Society of  Hispanic MBAs, a National Organization that provides to many Hispanics graduated the opportunity to transition their graduate degree to Masters.

According to Glenn Llopis in his article to the NSHMBA magazine, “the Hispanic Community is the most promising community in the United States ,  the fastest growing population and workforce with more than 50 Million. With a small business owner population growing at the fastest pace in the economy, with an average of $350Million  per year in estimated income. A buying force of $ 1 Trillion, projected to reach $1.5 by 2015″.

With this scenary, it is more than natural to get in tune with this gigantic reality and come to the conclusion that the Hispanic force needs  a system molded to attend all their needs of Education and professional training. This necessity is a natural consequence of the population growth and also to the market that is now mixed but has distinct needs to attend each sector of the population.

NSHMBA has 400 chapters and 17.000 members Nationwide that understand this need, and for this reason they thrive in direct every candidate in the right direction, looking to prepare the Hispanic number of graduates to achieve success getting their MBAs. It is a great mission.

The event was at Terrace 390, where everyone met to network and have a great time. It is different when you network for business and for education, it feels great! Please visit their website to learn more. Now check the pictures !

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