The aroma is unmistakable: Brazilian coffees will awaken Central Mark

ABIC LOGOFrom April 24(th) to May 7(th), Central Market, a network of high-end supermarkets in Texas, will be presenting Passaporte Brasil, a multi-faceted celebration of South America’s largest country with a huge variety of dishes, desserts, and beverages. It’s going to be a vibrant and delicious two-week celebration of Brazilian culture with bright colors, fresh fruits, exotic flowers, lively beats, inspired cuisine and notably, coffee from Baggio Coffees and Cambraia Cafes. These festivities will be supported by the partnership between Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency and ABIC, the Brazilian Coffee Roasters Association.

The Baggio family has been in the coffee growing business since 1886, when Salvatore Baggio arrived to the heart of the state of Sao Paulo. Hard work allowed him to buy his first piece of land in 1890 and after that, the growth of his enterprise took him and his family to the states of Parana and Minas Gerais. The Baggio farms currently produce over 15,000 coffee sacks per year.

In 2006, Liana Baggio Ometto, Salvatore’s great-granddaughter, decided to advance her family’s work and created the brand Baggio Coffees, with the same care and respect for tradition transmitted across generations, preserving the purity and craftsmanship concepts, but improved by cutting edge technology and professional knowledge.

Ms Baggio Ometto, Commercial Director of Baggio Coffees, believes that the achievement of being chosen to participate in Passaporte Brasil reflects the company’s commitment to quality and an opportunity to improve the reputation of Brazilian coffee internationally. “We have always been linked with quality and we want to take advantage of our knowledge to make sure that Brazil will be praised, not only for being the largest coffee producer, but for producing the best coffee as well,” she explains.

In response to the evolving trends in the market, Baggio Coffees offers four product lines: Baggio Bourbon, Baggio Gourmet, Cerrado Gran Reserva and Fatto Uno.

The second Brazilian coffee industry to be featured in Passaporte Brasil is Cambraia Cafes, a family run company founded in 1999. Cambraia Cafes export the coffee grown for generations in the same farms since 1886 in Santo Antonio do Amparo, in the state of Minas Gerais. For decades they sold their coffee as green beans in the local market, after the founding of Cambraia Cafes, the family focused in separating high quality lots, grading, sorting and trading them directly to the specialty coffee market.

Today, the 5(th) generation is not only growing coffee, but also roasting and packing what they produce. A few years ago, Cambria Cafes inaugurated a state of the art roasting plant, capable of producing great value coffees to be enjoyed by the most demanding international consumers.

In the past three years, Central Market stores had similar festive celebration of the culture, chefs, food and drinks of Argentina, Spain and France. This year is Brazil’s turn. 350,000 Passaporte Brasil brochures will be distributed among Central Market’s clients, with information about the highlighted products and the schedule of activities taking place, such as tastings, meetings with renowned chefs and Brazilian specialists.

Baggio Coffees and Cambraia Cafes were chosen after a group of professional buyers from Central Market flew to Brazil to get acquainted with the potential products to be offered during the event. “They are very curious and pay attention to every detail,” says Christian Santiago e Silva, Commercial Promoter of the Export Program of ABIC. “After tasting several coffees of many brands, they wanted to see the agricultural origins, and that’s why they visited the Baggio Coffees and Cambraia Cafes farms and production plants.”

Silva thinks that by getting the approval of Central Market’s buyers and therefore becoming part of the promotion, these companies proved that the export of Brazilian industrialized coffee is possible, regardless of the size of the industry. “With resolution and effort we have been able to show how serious is the work developed by ABIC and that transmits confidence to the buyers. Besides that, we count on the determination of the chosen industries, as we have seen how much they’ve been working during the whole process, showing the client the same level of commitment shown by ABIC,” he concludes.

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