Pinkberry Introduces New Cookies & Cream Frozen Yogurt Available In Stores May 3

PINKBERRY COOKIES & CREAMPinkberry debuts its signature light and refreshing take on the classic Cookies & Cream flavor with a new frozen yogurt available at all Pinkberry stores starting May 3.

The newest flavor to join Pinkberry’s line-up, Cookies & Cream Pinkberry is a smooth and creamy chocolaty yogurt blended with tiny bits of cookies. Unlike any other Cookies & Cream flavor, Pinkberry’s is indulgent without being overly sweet. The fun only starts with the yogurt itself – crushed cookies and a variety of other toppings are available from the toppings bar allowing guests to create their very own Cookies & Cream experience. Pinkberry also offers exclusive topping combinations to satisfy every Cookies & Cream lover, including:

—  The Classic: Crushed chocolate cream cookies
—  The Double Chocolate: Rich chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crushed chocolate cream cookies
—  The Banana a la Mode: Hand sliced bananas and crushed chocolate cream cookies
Pinkberry fans can discover topping recommendations and share their favorites as part of “Toppings Tuesday” on the Pinkberry Facebook page.

“Our goal is to create high quality and unique taste experiences” said Ron Graves CEO of Pinkberry.  “It is an uncompromising commitment to our signature taste profile that provides the right balance of sweet and tart, is light, refreshing and has a clean finish.  Combined with our dedication to topping combinations, Pinkberry offers delicious ways to enjoy each flavor.”

All Pinkberry frozen yogurts carry the seal of approval from The National Yogurt Association and are made with real milk and yogurt packed with live and active cultures. In addition, the fresh fruit, dry and liquid toppings are 100 percent free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup, providing a guilt-free and delicious culinary experience in every cup. For more information or store locations visit, like Pinkberry on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @Pinkberry, or download the Pinkberry App on iTunes or Play Network.

About Pinkberry
Today, with over 225 stores worldwide, Pinkberry is the original brand that reinvented the frozen yogurt category with its tart, light and refreshing taste. With a continued dedication to quality you can taste and a passion for yogurt, Pinkberry is focused on being the most innovative yogurt retailer in the world by thoughtfully handcrafting a variety of fresh and frozen yogurt experiences. Pinkberry wants people to experience new ways to enjoy yogurt in their daily routines by providing a place to refresh everyone with the goodness of yogurt – both a nutritious and delicious food that tastes as good as it is for you.

SOURCE  Pinkberry

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