Snap ! The overwhelming beauty of images

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In my world I ‘d like to have images, color and the human vibration necessary to be happy. I would like enough  sensibility to capture every indispensable moment, but I would also like to be able to share and be patient enough to observe timeless beauty, in whatever way it presents itself. Photography is poetry through the lenses that invades your eyes and fill your brain with energy, photography is life momentarily frozen in a 1 second frame, there forever to remind, and show you it happened, and it is up to you to determine how long will last. In my world of visual poetry, there is no terrorism, war or hate, everyone is good and still, and I decide who stays forever. 

Snap Orlando, an amazing experience of photo under many different applications reminding that  Art photography is alive and has a place for it! Snap gives you the chance to admire it, feel it and save it forever in your memory turning your moment less quiet and less common. The ability to transform image in magic and absolute Ecstasy. All in one! Check the pictures, and remember there is always Sunday, the last day, after that only next year!


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