Cha das Amigas Ministerio Brasileiro – First Baptist Orlando

If anyone tells you that looking straight into the light will blind you ! Think again you must see it for yourself! The light, most of the time will guide you! Save you! and take the pain away!

Today at The Brazilian Ministry Friend’s Tea it was mixture of Faith, renewing Faith, finding it and embracing it. It was a new refreshed moment just for women, because of course we deserve, and we are the most beautiful… But most of all everyone had the opportunity to bring out their talents, decorate, cook and show their love.

Each host was responsible for a table that was decorated individually and it was judged by everyone, and one table was the winner. Really good! A huge success. The voices were beautiful  Assiria Seixas lemos, Geane Silva, Izabel Munguba and Martha Felipe, a wonderful team.

At the end everyone was in a huge circle, around the room a beautiful,  powerful moment. I felt good to be there, at peace, no regrets. After many months I feel renewed again, and I am glad I did it. Obrigada Senhor por me mostrar o caminho.

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