Cool Kitchen Tools for Sweet and Savory Summertime Meals

HEARTHWARE, ZOKU, KUHN RIKON, CDN, FRIELING, WELCOME HOME BRANDS PICAdd fresh flavor to summertime meals with cool kitchen tools.


Zoku’s Slow-Pop(TM) Mini Pop Molds let you prepare nine Mini Pops in your freezer, the old-fashioned way. Perfectly sized for kids or portion-controlled treats for adults, they can be easily made by pouring juice, chocolate, flavored yogurt and more into molds and then freezing. Includes 9 reusable sticks with built-in drip guards., $16.99.

Enjoy the taste of the tropics with fresh pineapple sliced with the Pineapple Knife Colori(®) from Kuhn Rikon. The sturdy, serrated nonstick Japanese carbon steel blade slices with ease, while a pineapple cutout design on the blade helps prevent sticking. Use when preparing refreshing pineapple salsa or a garnish for pina coladas., $25.

For grilled steaks, chicken or fish, the CDN(®) ProAccurate(® )Folding Thermocouple Thermometer (TCT572) provides accurate temperature measurements and 3-second response. Waterproof and shatterproof, it features a slim 1.5 mm tip, backlighting for low light conditions, and temperature guide. White, Black, Yellow, Red or Green., $79.99.

Adorned with bright colors and white polka dots or stripes, the Welcome Home Brands Festive collection of paper bakeware adds a fun flair to strawberry shortcake, angel food cake and other summertime desserts. An alternative to metal bakeware, the disposable paper pans are convenient to use: simply pour in the batter, bake and serve. Available in a 12-piece Mini Loaf Baking Pan Set or a 6-Piece Rectangular Loaf Baking Pan Set., $9.99.

Freshly ground ingredients enhance the taste of any summertime recipe. Perfect for making fresh guacamole, pesto for pasta salads, or grinding dry spices for seasoning steaks, the new Mortars & Pestles from Cilio by Frieling can grind whole spices and herbs quickly and easily, releasing their full flavor and essential oils. Made from a solid piece of granite or marble., $22.50 to $59.95.

Enjoy the great outdoors while preparing dinner with the portable NuWave(®) Precision(TM) Induction Cooktop (PIC). This eco-friendly and energy-efficient countertop appliance provides fast, healthy and even cooking virtually anywhere with an outlet, from along side the grill to a campsite. Set precise temperature settings in 10-degree increments, or take advantage of pre-set programming settings from Low to Sear., $119.95, plus shipping and processing.

SOURCE Hearthware, Zoku, Kuhn Rikon, CDN, Frieling, Welcome Home Brands

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