ZEISS Brings Most Complete Immersive Experience to Gaming at E3 Expo

CARL ZEISS CINEMIZER OLEDPlug-and-play multimedia video glasses provide no-compromise gaming experience

Carl Zeiss, the world’s leader in optics and opto-electronics, today announced NVIDIA® 3DTV Play(TM) compatibility and a headtracker gaming accessory for its cinemizer® OLED (organic light-emitting diode) multimedia video glasses that allows gamers to explore in an immersive environment through simple head movements, with no compromise whatsoever to image quality or performance. The glasses with headtracker are being demonstrated this week during the E3 Expo, the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games, at the Los Angeles Convention Center (South Hall, Booth #2658).Natural Game Movement

The cinemizer OLED glasses are the most comfortable high-performance multimedia eyewear of its kind; and equipped with the headtracker, the gaming experience becomes even more competitive and more realistic. Players can simply move their head to change position instead of reaching for a console button, and the headtracker responds to the player’s movements in less than 5 milliseconds.

“The extremely low latency response of the cinemizer’s headtracker ensures a gamer’s performance is maximized through natural movements,” said Dave Hodgson, principal of Total 3D Solutions, Carl Zeiss’s cinemizer OLED North American business partner. “Gamers now have the opportunity to feel part of the game not only visually but physically, as well.”

Acting similar to a PC mouse, the cinemizer headtracker is suitable for all games and applications that can be controlled with a mouse. No extra driver is needed for the headtracker, so it can be activated immediately for hundreds of PC games on Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems. Console gamers also have the opportunity to enhance their game play with the headtracker through the use of a 3rd-party mouse adapter.

NVIDIA and 3D Compatibility for Superior Image Quality

The cinemizer OLED promises no compromise on performance, a pledge that begins with a pixel density of 2,500 ppi, nearly seven times that of Apple’s retina display. The glasses feature two integrated OLED micro-displays, one for each eye, that provide a fill rate of 99 percent and a 4 sub-pixel-per-pixel structure. Because they use two displays, these glasses furnish amazing 3D picture quality, with no drawbacks like flimmering, motion blur, reduced luminance or ghosting to detract from the experience. The image combines high contrast, true black and vivid colors to ensure exceptional quality.

Beyond image quality, the cinemizer OLED can be used in 3D mode on PCs with an NVIDIA 3D Vision-capable GeForce® graphics card and 3DTV Play software. NVIDIA’s 3DTV Play software provides gamers with access to the massive library of more than 600 3DTV Play-compatible PC games.

“Compatibility of Carl Zeiss’ cinemizer OLED multimedia glasses with NVIDIA’s 3DTV Play software allows gamers to achieve the full immersive potential of NVIDIA-powered graphics by erasing the room around them,” stated Steve Klett, 3D Vision Product Manager at NVIDIA.

E3 attendees can experience the cinemizer OLED and NVIDIA compatibility on a NVIDIA GeForce-powered PC at the ZEISS booth.

Gamers will have no issues connecting the cinemizer OLED to 3D displays, PCs featuring NVIDIA graphics technology or even NVIDIA’s new SHIELD(TM) mobile Android gaming device. Consumers can check to see if their PC is NVIDIA 3DTV Play-compatible, download a free trial version of 3DTV Play, and learn more about NVIDIA’s graphics products by visiting the NVIDIA website.

Take Your Seat with Playseat and cinemizer OLED

At the E3 Expos, gamers can battle from the cockpit of a fighter jet without paying the $150 million price tag by combining the cinemizer OLED and tech from gaming seat manufacturer Playseat®. Playseat will be providing a Playseat Air Force for the ZEISS booth at E3, allowing show attendees to get the realistic feel of an immersive flight simulator with the cinemizer OLED.

When used with the new headtracker accessory, the cinemizer OLED turns simulator-style games into immersive 3D experiences without any additional drivers. Whether racing down the track or flying through the skies, gamers can eliminate the unnatural distractions created by handheld controllers and upgrade to the natural movements of the headtracker to increase game concentration.

“Playseat® recommends the Carl Zeiss cinemizer OLED and headtracker to get totally immersed in the game and enjoy complete freedom,” said Playseat® COO Tako Dijkman, “getting an experience as close to reality as possible in your living room.”

The Playseat® Air Force works with popular flight stick throttle and yoke sets on the market. It can be configured to a very realistic flight deck feel; but to get a fully immersive visual experience, the cinemizer OLED with headtracker is recommended. Auto race fans can also benefit from the complete experience with the cinemizer OLED, headtracker and one of Playseat’s realistic racing simulation cockpits compatible with driving wheels and pedals.

Immersion Without Compromise

Unlike other immersive glasses in development, the cinemizer requires no additional drivers or game modification; it’s a truly integrated plug-and-play device, fully compatible with all PCs and major console gaming systems with HDMI or AV out. For mobile games, the cinemizer plugs in easily to iOS and Android devices. The cinemizer’s diverse connectivity options and 2D or 3D video capabilities extend its usefulness well beyond just the gaming market.

Nor does the cinemizer compromise on comfort; the glasses are portable and light on the head while in use, with a carefully crafted ergonomic design incorporating soft-touch nose and ear pieces so they can be worn comfortably for hours at a time without tiring the user.

Of particular importance to gamers, the cinemizer with headtracker is available for purchase right now. And E3 attendees can receive free shipping during the week of E3 by visiting the ZEISS Multimedia booth in South Hall, Booth #2658.

At E3, the ZEISS team also plans to meet with developers interested in adding new dimensions to gaming and will be seeking additional partners for distribution and retail sales of the cinemizer product range, with a specific interest in gaming.

For more information about the cinemizer OLED and headtracker, please visit http://total3dsolutions.com/gaming.html.

About Total 3D Solutions

Total 3D Solutions is a Carl Zeiss business partner and North American distributor for the cinemizer OLED.  A Michigan-based company, Total 3D Solutions has 15 years of experience in the fields of 3D video production and animation, app development and immersive training solutions for the U.S. military and several large US corporations.

In addition to immersive training solutions, Total 3D Solutions develops various applications and uses for the cinemizer OLED, such as a calming aid for dental patients, controlling model aircraft via first-person view (FPV), a presentation tool for architects, a marketing tool for ad agencies and a flexible viewfinder for photographers and film-makers. For more information, please visit www.total3dsolutions.com.

About Carl Zeiss Group

The Carl Zeiss Group is an international leader in the fields of optics and opto-electronics. With 24,000 employees, Carl Zeiss has contributed to technological progress all over the world for more than 160 years through innovative technologies and leading-edge solutions in the areas of semiconductor manufacturing technology, industrial metrology, microscopy, medical technology, vision care and consumer optics/optronics. The company was founded in 1846 in Jena, Germany, and is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany.

SOURCE  Carl Zeiss

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