Say HELLO To A New Sweet And Stylish Premium Chocolate Collection From Lindt

LINDT USA HELLO COLLECTIONLindt HELLO Assortment Features Delectable Recipes, Vibrant Packaging and Digital-Focused Launch

Lindt USA is pleased to introduce a brand new collection of contemporary and sinfully delicious premium chocolate bars, sticks and boxes, inspired by classic desserts and treats.  With lip-smacking taste, vibrant looks and a distinct personality, the Lindt HELLO collection is hitting shelves exclusively at Target, with select products available in Lindt Chocolate Shops and on  Designed to introduce chocolate lovers to premium chocolate in a trendy new format, the collection’s packaging, flavors and overall brand personality make it unique to Lindt and the premium chocolate category.  Lindt is supporting the launch with a new microsite,, which allows consumers to engage with the collection on social media and win sweet prizes in the Lindt Say HELLO Like Never Before sweepstakes, as well as various initiatives with the exclusive retailer, Target.The new HELLO collection of products includes:

—  Bars: The HELLO bars are not your ordinary candy bars.  The ten  luxuriously filled squares that make up each bar – each covered in   irresistibly smooth premium chocolate – are bite-sized packages of  delight for your taste buds (SRP: $2.79).
—  Available year-round in Caramel Brownie, Cookies & Cream, Crunchy   Nougat and Strawberry Cheesecake.  Through October 2013 they are   also available in three limited edition flavors: Berry Affair,   Coconut Love and Coffee Blast.
—  Sticks: The Lindt HELLO sticks are trendy treats designed for  chocolate-lovers on-the-go.  With six tasty squares you can savor one by    one or eat all up at once, the sticks are just the right size for   satisfying those afternoon cravings (SRP: $0.99).
—  Available year-round in Caramel Brownie, Cookies & Cream, Crunchy   Nougat and Strawberry Cheesecake.  Through October 2013 they are   also available in three limited edition flavors: Berry Affair,   Coconut Love and Lime Splash.
—  Mini Stick bags: Available starting in August 2013, each bag is filled   with individually wrapped, bite-sized Mini Sticks of chocolate filled   with one of four mouthwatering flavors (SRP: $3.99).
—  Available starting in August 2013 in Caramel Brownie, Cookies &    Cream, Crunchy Nougat, Strawberry Cheesecake and an assorted mix of   all four flavors.
—  Chocolate Bits box: A colorful box with nine melt-in-your-mouth pralines   in fun shapes like hearts and speech bubbles in Caramel Brownie, Cookies    & Cream and Crunchy Nougat (SRP $5.99).
—  Thank You box: An eye-catching gift box filled with four pralines in   Caramel Brownie, Cookies & Cream and Crunchy Nougat, all in playful    chocolate shapes (SRP $3.99).
—  Ultra Thin Chocolates: Irresistible, wafer-thin Caramel Brownie or   luscious Vanilla chocolate pieces (SRP: $5.99).
—  Chocolate Delights gift box: Each box is filled with round chocolate   treats that are the perfect union of luscious milk chocolate and Cookies   & Cream or Crunchy Nougat filling (SRP: $9.99).
“With eye-catching packaging, popular flavor combinations and a unique brand personality, Lindt HELLO redefines what premium chocolate can look and taste like,” says Thomas Linemayr, CEO and President, Lindt USA.  “We are excited about the collection and the opportunity to engage Millennials, a virtually untapped group in the premium chocolate space, with the HELLO products on digital and social platforms and in Target stores.”

Engaging Chocolate Lovers with HELLO

Knowing that technology has created so many new ways to say “hello,” whether through text, blog post, or tweet, Lindt is giving consumers a chance to meet the new collection on a variety of digital platforms, including a dedicated microsite on  From the microsite, consumers can enter the Lindt Say HELLO Like Never Before sweepstakes by posting the “#LindtHELLO” hashtag on their social media sites.  Consumers have the chance to win prizes daily and monthly, such as $1,000 cash or gift cards from iTunes, American Express, Target and more.  To enter, consumers can:

—  Tweet or share a Vine video using #LindtHELLO
—  Post a photo on Instagram using #LindtHELLO
—  Log on to and send a virtual “hello” via the
The microsite will also feature information about the collection, and live stream tweets, Instagram photos and other social content from consumers saying “hello”.

The full collection of Lindt HELLO products is now available at Target stores nationwide, with select items available at Lindt Chocolate Shops and on  To learn more about Lindt, visit and, for details on HELLO and the sweepstakes, visit  For other news from Lindt, “like” the company’s Facebook page or follow Lindt on Twitter.

About Lindt & Sprungli

Founded in 1845, Lindt & Sprungli is a global leader in the premium chocolate category, offering high-quality products in more than 120 countries.  Lindt & Sprungli operates eight production facilities in Europe and the United States and employs more than 8,000 worldwide.  Lindt USA operates more than 60 retail stores in the U.S., Lindt Chocolate RSVP, the company’s premium direct selling program, and maintains wide distribution through extensive retail and wholesale channels.  For more information on Lindt, visit



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