Kia takes first strides toward luxury lineup in 2017 Kia’s first upscale sedan debuts at Bill Jacobs Kia

Kia is beginning to lay the groundwork for its expansion into the world of luxury cars with its recent release of the 2014 Kia Cadenza upscale sedan near Chicago, IL.

Although Kia has carved its place in the auto industry with value-focused, fun-to-drive cars, it plans to introduce at least two all-new luxury models by 2017, and the new Cadenza appears to have been the first step.

BILL JACOBS KIAWhile Kia has sat in the shadows and let its cousin Hyundai hold the reigns as the more luxurious of the two, Kia is looking to establish its fun driving mentality in more elegant vehicles. Kia has developed concept vehicles like the sporty GT as well as a luxury car codenamed KH. K9 and K7 models also are rumored to be under development with plans to try the new vehicles in Korea before they roll out in the U.S.

Despite the concept vehicles and discussions, only the new Cadenza has come to fruition in the United States. As New Lennox, IL Kia customers flock to Bill Jacobs Kia and dealerships throughout the country to experience the all-new Kia Cadenza, they’ll still find all the exceptional values like the 2013 Kia Soul, but with the contrast of a premium sedan just down the aisle.

Kia’s reputation and sales have soared over the past several years, and the Cadenza is expected to start shifting the meter to luxury.  Although it is available in a single trim, there are surplus packages that allow drivers to fill the sedan with cutting-edge technology and genuine materials.

Although drivers might not expect the Kia badge on a premium sedan, the Cadenza has the potential to stand up to competitors who have spent years in the segment.

Find the 2014 Kia Cadenza and the entire new Kia lineup near Chicago, IL by visiting or calling 815-741-6975

SOURCE Bill Jacobs Kia



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