Yankee Candle Launches New Relaxing Rituals(TM) Collection


New Line Offers the Perfect Custom Blending Ritual Experience to Relax and Unwind

The Yankee Candle Company, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of premium scented candles, today announced the launch of its new Relaxing Rituals(TM) line. Each blend of three different essential oils creates a special fragrance combination designed to soothe the mind, body and soul and provide an easy relaxing ritual that fits busy lifestyles. The Relaxing Rituals(TM) line offers a variety of options for creating a fragrant relaxation experience that is uniquely customized for each consumer.  The new line includes warmer oils, reed diffusers, votive candles and tumbler candles in four new soothing scents. Relaxing Rituals(TM) is available now at more than 557 Yankee Candle retail stores, www.yankeecandle.com and in select specialty retailers.

To celebrate the new line, Yankee Candle is hosting a debut party on Saturday, July 13(th) in its retail stores from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., offering guests a chance to experience the product, enter special giveaways, and participate in one-day savings offers for the new line.

“Living a wellness lifestyle is about taking care of the mind, body and soul so that you can be at your best and relaxation is an essential element of this lifestyle,” said Hope Margala Klein, executive vice president, brand, innovation and merchandising for The Yankee Candle Company, Inc. “Our new Relaxing Rituals(TM) line allows our customers to prepare the perfect fragrance blends that suit them while allowing them to turn down all the noise and unwind.

NEW YANKEE CANDLE® RELAXING RITUALS(TM) FRAGRANCES – New line offers the perfect custom blending ritual experience to relax and unwind. Start every day refreshed. End every day calm.


Candles: $15.99 MSRP – Tumbler Candle (6oz.); $19.99 MSRP – 2-Wick Tumbler Candle (11oz.); $1.99 MSRP – Tarts® wax melt or Samplers® votive; $7.99 MSRP – Tri-Votive Holder; $14.99 MSRP – Wax Melt Warmer

Reed Diffusers: $29.99 MSRP – Reed Diffuser Blending Kit; $9.99 MSRP – Reed Diffuser Refill

Fragrance Warmer Oils: $34.99 MSRP – Fragrance Oils Blending Kit; $7.99 MSRP – Fragrance Oil Refill; $9.99 MSRP – Oil Warmer

Available in four mood states:

To feel relaxed. A blend of Vanilla, Lavender and Sandalwood.

To feel cozy. A blend of Rose, Cardamom and Cedarwood.

To feel at peace. A blend of Spearmint, Water Lily and Sea Salt.

To feel awake. A blend of Mandarin, Sage and Eucalyptus.

Learn more about creating your relaxing moment with the perfect blend of three essential oils by watching our Relaxing Rituals(TM) video.

To learn more about Yankee Candle and the new Relaxing Rituals(TM) line, visit www.yankeecandle.com, the brand’s Instagram (@TheYankeeCandleCompany) and Pinterest (TheYankeeCandle) pages, or join the conversation on Facebook at facebook.com/TheYankeeCandleCompany or on Twitter (@theyankeecandle).

About Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle is the leading designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of premium scented candles, based on sales, in the giftware industry.  Yankee Candle has a 43-year history of offering distinctive products and marketing them as affordable luxuries and consumable gifts.  Yankee Candle sells its products through a North American wholesale customer network of approximately 35,000 store locations, a growing base of Yankee Candle owned and operated retail stores (557 Yankee Candle stores located in 46 states and 1 province in Canada as of March 30, 2013), direct mail catalogs, and its Internet website (www.yankeecandle.com). Outside of North America, Yankee Candle sells its products primarily through its subsidiary, Yankee Candle Company (Europe), Ltd., which has an international wholesale customer network of approximately 6,100 store locations and distributors covering a combined 56 countries.


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