The Poetry Art of Nilton Bustamante interviewed By Edmundo Cavalcanti

IMG_5738Dear friends who accompany me in this column. I have written about many styles of painters, sculptors, art, bio, and other types of art, but this month I’m going to introduce another style of art .

The art of the written words, another form of expression of feelings and ideas.“Poetry is art. And, like any art, requires tint, brightness, color, creativity, artist and admirers.

But, above all, the soul of those who create and who looks and sees! “
Lyricism, sensitivity, speed and simplicity are some of the ingredients in this recipe irresistible poetry, so well tempered by the talent of Nilton Bustamante.

Nilton Bustamante, writer, poet, businessman and music producer, was born in October 1958 in São Paulo-SP, Brazil. He is a member of the Association of Writers of Bragança Paulista – ASES; Club member Caiubi Arts (curated for years was in charge of the late Ze Rodrix), as was the poet honored the famous soiree “ABC Alphabet Soup” of the same club. Has many musical partnerships with composers on the national scene: Marc Gadu, Sandro Haick, Gerson Conrad (was part of the group Rants and Raves), Murilo Mauhá, Bruno De La Rosa, Fernando Cavallieri, Luciana Costa, Léo Nogueira, APA Silvino, Gil Cardoso Rafael Iasi, Nando Tavora, Daniel Person, Tato Fischer, Sonekka, Elder Braga, Sergio Murilo, Marcos Assis, Marcio Cavalcanti, Márcio Bragança, Alexandre Lemos Monteiro and Tito.
In 1998, it was discovered by the writer Ryoko Inoue which received the invitation to launch his first book “Return” (short stories collection) by Publisher Shed. This work earned him the so honorable congratulations from Arnaldo Niskier, who was Nilton Bustamante, _urea Maldaner, Embaixada do Brasil em Paris, e Jean Paul de Bernisthen, President of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. After that came other short stories, other books with other publishers, including France.
So we know a little of this talent …

How did you start writing poems? You went straight to the poetry or had forays into other genres?
The desire to write began as I was feeling the world, and the need arising from the first letters alphabetizing the heart and soul. Poetry was the form first.

At what age did you write you wrote his first poems?
Something of my twelve years of age, the first opportunity for the school newspaper: my Portuguese teacher, dear, Mrs. Carl, lover of literature and theater, had read some of my early attempts at poetry and invited me to participate. Wrote some verses in memory of my friend Lourival, who died by drowning.

What do you think of poetry itself?
Ah, my poetry is my fight to polish the rough stone, my soul still insists. Poetry is transition is transmutation, is to visit the hidden charms and soul, is the wings I borrow to be a bird while the human works. It is to visit a loved one, it is crying for non-conformism, fear, joy, and it is to be at all times, across all portals without never leaving the place.

How do you seek inspiration? Being naturally intuitive ,I always made use of this possibility and the music is a companion my friend, a magic wand, whom my heart can not live without. Ends up being an exercise, writing is exercise of the soul, and the more you write, the more you feel, the more you feel, the more is written. I don’t write for pleasure, or simple taste, I write because my pains are so many and many that hurt, if I don’t write. It’s organic. Every day, I write.Some people need to stop what they are doing for a smoke, so I do the same, but instead of the cigarette, I write.

What are your influences, what did you read during your adolescence?
My influences and intuitions are the same. The writer and poet are true “blotters” they dry ink allover the universe, it’s all there to be captured and felt, the sequence is only put in the order of the letters, forming words, forming ideas, always with the true feeling. In my teens I was a member of the Book Club, where we could count with good values, and ​​generous readers.

Would you say that themes “will arrive”, they will come and go in his poetry because they are part of a broad sphere of affinities? Or you choose them consciously, with one goal, and works as a whole?
The themes are the waves that come and touch me. By an embrace of love, a desire to show something that I felt, something that met the lower portion of the soul, or something specific you need. It is custom work done on workmanship of letters of his livelihood-emotion.

What’s the best poetry ever written?
I prefer to speak of poetry and texts I’ve read from other authors. Sometimes we are faced with true literary gems, when you finished reading them, the drums rumble different vibrations , or spirals of majestic celestial highs, so it follows emotion … A sentence is worth a whole book in which it operates. As for poetry, “NÃO FORA DO MAR” by Maria Fernanda Teles de Castro and Quadros Ferro (Portugal, 1900-1994), are the ones I like the most. The poetry of Brazilian Cecilia Meireles not far behind. And I like a lot of texts from short story writers and novelist like the Brazilian Lygia Fagundes Telles, who once amazed me as I watched one of her lectures on Machado de Assis in the auditorium of the newspaper Folha de São Paulo. The talent, the light, the energy of this woman to become a giant at naked eye, on stage.
Tell me about your books.
In 1998, reading an article about the author novelist writer entered in Guinness Book record holder, with more than 1,050 books published, the Brazilian Ryoki Inoue, I was tempted to send him some writings to be evaluated. As anyone who plays the lottery wanting to win, but not quite believing, chose texts that gave me more confidence and passed – long live the Internet! – Went to your email address. Three or four days later, I was in my office listening to opera while writing to pass the time while waiting for the decrease of traffic chaos on the streets of São Paulo, and I got a call: “I wish to speak with Bustamante, is he there? Here is Ryoko. ” I Almost fell of the chair. He wanted to know if I had more material because he liked what he read.

Thirty days later, I was signing a contract in the city of Campos do Jordao, Sao Paulo, where Ryoko then resided. So he became my first editor. Everything was unbelievable to me. At the book signing, the fear that nobody would show gnawed at me. But so many people came, so many friends, we sold over 250 books. A good start. This book wasentitled ” The Return” (short story collection), was praised by Professor Arnaldo Niskier, then President of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. A good dream to be lived and felt with the eyes open for any author.

In 2000, Tempo de se Apaixonar-“It’s Time to Fall in love” (collection of poetic prose) and “The Song of Silence” (novella with forgiveness as thematic).

In 2001, Antes que minha Boca se Cale “Before My Mouth Shut up” (collection of prose, short stories and poems).
In 2010, Tempo de se Apaixonar “It’s Time to Fall in love” (novel and theater versions of the same volume).
In 2012, the “Salon du Livre in Paris” abook signing, released “Le Chant Du Silence” (for French translation of “The Song of Silence”), published by: Yvelin edition and distribution: Pollen Diffusion . That same year, were also released “Gabbeh, Plots of Love” (prose and poetry about love) and “Manolo Otero, by Manolo” (authorized biography about one of the most romantic singers Spaniards, considered the most beautiful man in Spain at its time).
In 2013, in press “Unfolding of Soul” (the lessons that come from dreams).

And what were your Prizes?
Honestly, I was never worried about the awards. What I wish is that my work is shared with the readers as much as possible. Therefore, always write and post on social networks, with more than 500 posts over three years. I once read that the arts came into the world so men became inspirited, refined their feelings, and I believe it, I’m the working-class of writers; Do what I can and what I can with some quality: my need is to write with the tip of my Heart.

I was lucky the text “Love Arabic” was awarded by the literary promotion for “Valentine’s Day”, sponsored by the provider IG and television host Hebe Camargo (SBT). And the poem “Domination” won the award in national competition sponsored by the Academy of Arts Masonic Juiz de Fora-MG.

In 2012, the “Academie du Mérite et dévouement Français” (March) and “académique Société des Arts, Sciences et Lettres” (June), bothfrom Paris, France. Honored me with honors and invitations to become a member of these cultural institutions.

And tell us a bit more as it was to write the biography of one of the most romantic singers in the world: MANOLO OTERO. Do you know him personally?

31592_10200132268653226_1475495664_nUndoubtedly Manolo Otero really was one of the greatest singers in the world, he had a very successful way to interpret the songs with so much romanticism and musical competence. Won several gold records, including in Brazil, where shortly afterwards came to set residence in the city of Louveira, SP. His first big hit was the song Todo el Tiempo del Mundo, remained for months in the first place on the charts in most countries. Manolo was considered the most beautiful man from Spain, he acted in many films, with Charlton Heston, and several plays. Starred in loves explosive movies, with beautiful women: beauty queens, models and famous people from the art world.
Many famous artists have gone some way by the experiences of Manolo Otero, among them Roberto Carlos and Julio Iglesias. Even Manolo and Julio together began his singing career by being hired to present themselves at the festival in Benidorm, the most important of Spain, sharing the same hotel room, in this narrative, the reader will know the reason emerged as the Julio Iglesias to sing always with hand on top of the stomach, which continues today. But there is more, much more …
And how was the book idea born?

Faced with countless requests from fans, and the need to exorcise his ghosts, Manolo Otero without worrying about the accuracy of dates, but only with the 970390_351991078262686_2008487257_n“facts”, made countless notes in their original manuscripts to be a source of research for his book.

After all, Manolo Otero had an extraordinary culture, and a voracious appetite for books and matters since subjects of trigonometry to philosophy. Unfortunately, Manolo died. His widow, Celeste Ferreira, invited me to assemble the puzzle, embody the soul of these incredible experiences, writing all that was needed.

Respected the title Manolo wanted, and was for many months, working ten hours for days, nights and early mornings, watered with the wonderful music of Manolo.

I researched a lot and wrote by “two hands”, Manolo and I, so I felt this whole process. I laughed, I cried, as I encountered many such extraordinary events, a soul artist who mingled with the human being. As already mentioned, no one wanted Manolo classic biography, chronological, but put in evidence some events, making them timeless. For example: “It was summer in Madrid”, no matter the day, the year, but the soul of the moment, for the reader feel all this climate where the facts developed.

I got to meet Manolo Otero, because of his music, went twice to his residence, when we talked about selling his shows to Evandro Segato, my partner and I, we were responsible for commercialization in Brazil. With many photos, the book was born “Manolo Otero, by Manolo.”

How do you work? Do you have a rigor, a routine? How do you reconcile poetry with the everyday work?
I’m Disorganized by nature, thank heavens for poets. (Laughs)
As I already mentioned, I am totally intuitive, so when the waves reach the heavens, I almost always stop everything and go pro dive write.

It is quite interesting that the themes are always focused on love and spirituality. Dream a lot at night, and 392884_304271866367941_44235887_nwhen I wake up I get to remember and register all the details, always with a message of transcendence at the end .
I am sincere in what I write, what I feel, and I do not policy; certain quality but seek not to enforce rhymes easy, not to fall into traps of sentimentality.

What expectations do you have about the publication of your poetry? Are there still poetry readers? What do you say about your experience as an author, so far?
The poetry books are the least sold in bookstores, but the most impacting on the human soul. This is what counts. Poetry transforms the man out of stone to be mind-heart and soul.

My experience as an author, is almost nothing. Every day I am fascinated with each letter, word, and universes in each of which are flagged, built, represented …
Words like worker ants carrying the ideas, feelings … The writer is an ant tamer.

What are your current projects in relation to literature?
I am available to companies or individuals who can sponsor my books to be made into E-Books, digital books, to be scattered across the galaxy Internet. And the cost is small, in return sponsors will have their advertised brands as cultural supporters. Highlighted, we have the book “Manolo Otero, by Manolo,” which has been translated into Spanish, and we want to release it digitally in the Hispanic world. In addition, we are in conversation for this work to be adapted for film.
What do you enjoy most in life?
Live life with respect and love, grateful to the Creator. Prepare yourself to better serve, to be useful to mankind. Blessed is he who, in return to origin, present his book of Life to the Father-Creator, and have nothing to be ashamed of. Homing pigeons are taken away for us to return to the journey of learning.

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