Athletes and LIDE business executives ask politicians to take a stand on MP 615

Athletes and LIDE business executives ask politicians to take a stand on MP 615
As it approaches a vote in the Senate, the amendment altering the provisional measure MP 615, seeking to ensure transparency in national sports, won the support of the private sector during the Forum Nacional do Esporte [National Sports Forum], last Friday, August 30, in Sao Paulo. “We executives are going to be tracking this issue in the Congress. It is essential for the World Cup and the Olympics to leave a legacy for the practice of sports,” stated Joao Doria Jr, President of LIDE – Grupo de Lideres Empresariais [Group of Business Leaders].

Prominent figures from the world of politics, business and sports raised the issue during the course of the event. Among items proposed for amendment in the MP, is term limits for presidents and athletic directors to four years, as well as limiting the number of reelections for heads of athletic institutions receiving public funding. Paulo Nigro, President of Tetra Pak and LIDE Esporte [LIDE Sports], made clear the feelings of the business community. “We are supporting passage of provisional measure MP 615 in the National Congress, which seeks improvements in sports administration, providing renewal, sound management and transparency.”

Jose Maria Marin, President of the CBF, was quite closely questioned, mainly by Corinthians player, Paulo Andre, and Rai, former soccer player and ambassador for LIDE Esporte. “I won’t make a judgment of any of the directors for responding. I can say that I believe that whatever is good should be continued.  Between what’s good and experimenting, it’s better to play it safe,” Marin replied.

Minister of Sport, Aldo Rebelo, for his part, was cautious in his position, and also refrained from going into depth on the issue. “There are no reservations at all on my part.  However, it is not a draft law, but rather, an amendment of a Provisional Measure.  That’s why I approach discussing the matter with caution,” he observed.

The drafting of the amendment had input from the NGO Atletas pelo Brasil [Athletes for Brazil], a partner of LIDE Esporte, and headed by former volleyball player, Ana Moser.

Movimento Esporte pelo Brasil [Sports for Brazil Movement]

At the end of the Forum, Atletas pelo Brasil announced its new project, the movement, Esporte pelo Brasil, in partnership with the Africa agency, which will undertake a major mobilization campaign to attract sports enthusiasts and create the Brazil’s largest registry for this area, through a portal that will be launched in October.

The aim of this action is to raise awareness and mobilize society to disseminate the concept of sports as a tool for the development of the country, and to stimulate Sporting culture as one of the key legacies of the major events that will be taking place in 2014 and 2016

Source LIDE


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