Funzee Targets US Market with New Winter Line of Footed and Unfooted Pajamas

FUNZEE UNFOOTED PAJAMASFollowing successful feedback from customers on a selected range of pajama suit products, Funzee has decided to extend their range of footed pajamas, bodysuits, robes and other fun loungewear.

Funzee is a relative newcomer to the USA. It’s an online retailer which designs and manufactures adult onesie sleepsuits, footed pajamas, and other fun garments for lounging around in. The company is UK based and, unsurprisingly, its biggest markets are in Europe. The founder of Funzee explains, “The idea for Funzees started in 2007. I was looking to buy an adult onesie as an amusing present for my son, who’s a big fan of hospital comedy ‘Scrubs.’ There’s a great episode where JD is wearing a onesie to bed and is then forcibly taken out to a bar by his mentor, Dr. Cox, while still wearing his ‘jammies.’ We found the concept so funny that I began looking for an adult onesie for my student son, but at that time the only ones available were from the USA and they wanted to charge about $30 for delivery alone. So I decided to create my own designs for the UK market.”

FUNZEE FOOTED PAJAMASNow Funzee is responding to user requests and suggestions and bringing in a range targeted at US customers. Most existing US suppliers produce footed pajamas and usually in polyester. Funzee has found that given a choice buyers would often prefer the natural and clean feel of cotton products and would also prefer the option of matching socks rather than integral feet which easily get dirty and smelly. Funzee currently offers 100% cotton suits from only $32.95.

In Europe, buyers are usually college students who like these fun versatile products and there is both a summer market – wearing to parties and festivals – and a winter market for when you need something warm and cozy to snuggle down in. The peak buying time is just before Christmas as these garments make great gifts. Funzee will be offering both hooded and unhooded designs, footed and unfooted, fleece or cotton, and even a Retro design with a Butt Flap. However, Funzee will always stay true to their fun roots as a spokesman says, “We are not producing designer fashion items but if you want an electric blue spandex full body suit, or a donkey adult onesie then Funzee probably has it scheduled in the pipeline.”

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