BIONOVA Introduces Dry Foot & Foot Inflammation Treatment Products

BIONOVA SCIENCE BEAUTY CUSTOMIZATIONWhen it comes to beauty care, feet are not the first area to come to mind. The feet experience the most daily stress of wear and tear yet we often forget they need proper care, as well. Dry skin on the feet is the culprit of cracked heels, flakiness, itchiness and a burning sensation, which brings disruptive discomfort for a body area that is always in use.Common solutions have been to moisturize the feet and use oil and other remedies to soothe the skin. This approach simply coats the dry skin and creates a temporary effect of relief; hence dry feet are still an ongoing concern.

Science in Action

The skin metabolism and functionality on the foot is different from other body parts.  The biological activity of Foot Treatment products must be oriented to the improvement of local blood circulation and restoration of the skin function.

BIONOVA’s NANO SKIN TECH(TM) solution restores skin natural barrier resistance, reduces maceration and itchiness of the skin in the foot area. It reduces foot dryness and skin irritation caused by warm conditions in the shoes. Improves skin lubrication and helps restores skin barrier function; provides skin freshness in harsh environment.

BIONOVA offers two Treatment products: Dry Foot and Foot Inflammation.

Both products’ formulas bring the ultimate resolution:

—  Re-establish Skin Natural Barrier; increases skin lubrication and
restores skin natural hydration by replenishing water from lower layers
of the skin.
—  Protect the foot from the negative impact of warm and moist, reduces
scaling, cracking and redness.
—  Improve local blood circulation
—  Help reduce irritation, maceration and itchiness; exerts antibacterial
—  Reduce skin inflammation caused by moist condition in shoes. Reduce skin
scaling, redness, and often, oozing follows the vesiculation.
Power of Life Science Nanotechnology
Life Science Nanotechnology in skincare brings new solutions to multiple skin dysfunctions. The use of nano-quantities of biologically active substances, called NANO-COMPLEXES(TM), imitate in a very precise way physiological processes occurring in a living organism, restoring broken links and bringing products’ efficacy on a never possible before level.

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Dr. Michael Danielov


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