Maestro Nilson Dizeu with Beto Araujo @ BoiBrazil Churrascaria (Steakhouse)

Life is full of surprises ! When you think you’ve heard everything, here comes a new thing, to remind you that the journey is still fresh and there are many more to come. In another words, you hear so much of Sertanejo Universitario,  Funk,  and Pagode that everyone just forgot how beautiful Seresta can be. It is like being serenaded by Brazilian Classic Music.

Tonight, I was back at Chico’s Bar, in the old days, Beto Araujo, soft voice, great guitar, and repertoire, the perfect match to our Dear Maestro Nilson Dizeu, a pleasure to see and to listen.

The Place BoiBrazil, owned by Nelson ex-Nelore, and his brother-in-law is a great success, great food, great service! We recommend ! But it got even better with the music, full house, hopping at the sound of real Brazilian Great Songs, a night to always remember and wait for the next. Thank you all for the warm welcome, and everything else that comes along with happiness. BoiBrazil is located at 5600 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819 Phone Number(407) 354-0260

Now let’s check the pictures!

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