GameCase iPad and iPhone Game Controller

Introducing GameCase, the iOS game controller that propels mobile gaming to unprecedented heights. This impressive device redefines the way games are played on iPad and iPhone. GameCase harnesses the power of iOS 7 and Apple’s new MFi controller framework to provide an experience unlike any other. A new era of mobile gaming has arrived.GAMECASEMobile operating systems have made significant advancements in recent years with the introduction of more powerful devices. This has allowed developers to create console quality software for iPad and iPhone. GameCase ups the ante and delivers an unmatched level of control previously only possible on PC’s and home consoles. Experience the most popular action, racing and sports titles with enhanced performance and controller support. GameCase transforms the iOS device into the ultimate mobile gaming machine with truly unlimited potential.

GameCase revolutionizes iOS gaming as it pairs stunning HD graphics with a natural and familiar console quality feel. Responsive dual analog sticks and tactile buttons provide an increased level of accuracy and precision. The thoughtfully crafted design and non-slip rubber surface alleviates fatigue and allows for hours of comfortable and competitive play. GameCase and iOS developers are currently collaborating to create exciting new games that take advantage of the device’s incredible features. Welcome to the future of iOS gaming.

GameCase, powered by the innovative team at ClamCase, designs, manufactures and distributes the world’s best mobile peripherals. ClamCase products are in high demand worldwide for their desirable features and ability to enhance iOS devices. ClamCase & GameCase products greatly increase mobility, efficiency and productivity and have become increasingly popular among professionals, educational institutions and now the gaming community.

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Source: Game Case

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