Oceans Omega Announces the World’s First Omega-3 Fortified Liquid Health Shots

OCEANS OMEGA LLC OMEGA INFUSIONOceans Omega, a leading supplier of water-soluble Omega-3 EPA and DHA ingredients for food, beverage, nutritional and pet care products, announced today the world’s first commercially produced Omega-3 fortified liquid health shots. Currently sold under the Omega Infusion(TM) brand, these 2oz., single serving, and zero-calorie health shots contain 250mg of ultra-pure Omega-3s (EPA & DHA).  They are available in 3 delicious flavors – Peach Mango, Raspberry Lemon and Pink Grapefruit and can be found in select Rite Aid and Kmart locations.Oceans Omega added this exciting new product to the Omega Infusion brand following the overwhelmingly positive response to their Omega Infusion Omega-3 enhanced water that was introduced to consumers earlier this year.  The increasing popularity of functional beverages and liquid supplements is a testament to the fact that more than 40% of Americans either cannot or do not like taking pills. Nevertheless, “…supplementation may be a necessity and not an option”(1), because people rely on food to obtain essential fatty acids yet the typical Western diet is deficient in Omega-3s(2). Omega Infusion shots provide the highly sought-after fish oil benefits of Omega-3s EPA/DHA, in a potent liquid dietary supplement. The 2oz. bottles can be consumed individually or added to water or seltzer as a delicious beverage alternative.

“We are excited to be the first company in the world to produce an Omega-3 fortified liquid health shot under featuring our proprietary ingredients,” said Benjamin D. Mamola, Chief Executive Officer of Oceans Omega.   “Our company’s ability to deliver Omega-3 fatty acids in delicious traditional products is extremely gratifying knowing that Omega-3 fatty acids are shown to support cognitive function and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.”

Research shows that consumers are actively looking for Omega-3 fortified food and beverages. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce inflammation and may help lower the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Omega Infusion shots are a delicious, fun and easy way to get the health-enhancing benefits of Omega-3s!

http://EzineArticles.com/3371152 – Can Our Bodies Produce Each Essential Fatty Acid? By Richard Pagano

2. Simopoulos, A.P. “The Importance of the Ratio of Omega-6/omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids.”Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 56.8 (2002): 365-79. Web.

About Oceans Omega:
Oceans Omega LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mycell Technologies LLC, is a leading supplier of water-soluble omega-3 EPA and DHA ingredients for the fortification of food and beverage products. Due to Oceans Omega’s unique stabilization technology, they can deliver a range of superior omega-3 EPA and DHA ingredient solutions, enabling novel, shelf-stable, tasty consumer products such as clear beverages, gelatins, gels, liquid nutritional shots, add-to-water concentrates as well as pet care products. Companies seeking to incorporate high levels of stable omega-3s EPA and DHA in previously unachievable products now have a speed to market and first mover advantage.  Oceans Omega’s corporate offices are located in Paramus, New Jersey. More information at www.oceansomega.com

SOURCE  Oceans Omega LLC


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