Elephant In Times Square, Moving Image Billboard

TimesSquareBillboard5-AsherJay-SFMarchForElephants.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smartOn September 29th, a digitally animated billboard was unveiled in New York’s Times Square; it will tell the story of Earth’s last remaining wild elephants who are on their way to extinction; the billboard will warn us that unless we come together to act passionately, cohesively and determinedly to halt the massacre of our most charismatic terrestrial herbivore, it will disappear from our planet within 10 years.

Located on Broadway between 46th and 47th Street, directly above the McDonald’s logo, the billboard is 31′ high x 55′ wide; our 30 second spot will be screened for approximately a month at a frequency of once every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Envisioned by San Francisco’s grass roots advocacy group March for Elephants (www.MarchForElephants.org) conceptualized and designed by New York’s multifaceted artist, Asher Jay (http://asherjay.com/) the billboard is a crowd funded campaign hosted by LoudSauce Inc. (https://louder.is/) which provides a crowd powered platform for advertising and promotion.

“March for Elephants (MFE) is a nascent, evolving group of grass roots activists, coming together locally, to reach out globally to advocate on behalf of elephants. MFE will engage in peaceful, direct action to mitigate and halt the poaching crisis that kills 35,000 elephants annually, 100 every day and 1 every 15 minutes – even as it destabilizes the African continent through terrorism. Our advocacy campaigns aims to revise international, national and state laws that permit the importation, and trade in ivory, a practice that is predicted to lead to the extinction of the species in the wild in less than 10 years. ” – March For Elephants

“We live in a generation where mainstream visual marketing is the language of the masses, and well placed ad campaigns help contour cultural consciousness. This is why, as a creative conservationist, I felt compelled to get involved with the Elephant in Times Square campaign by March For Elephants. When they contacted me with the idea of conceptualizing and designing a billboard in Times Square, it seemed like an obvious next step for the global Elephant conservation effort. Times Square receives 350,000 people daily; to use this stage to raise awareness is inspired. From SF to NYC, coast to coast, this internationally crowd funded initiative is clear evidence that we are all in this together, to help save this keystone species for future generations.” – Asher Jay

SOURCE  March for Elephants

March for Elephants

Web Site: http://www.marchforelephants.org


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