Moroccan American Chamber of Commerce and CFBACC a Joint Event of great success at Pasha.

Pasha was the venue of choice for the Joint Business After Hours between the Moroccan and Brazilian Chambers. The result was a business event with lots of networking, friendly people, and many connections. Service and great food was also an important key for the success. Lots of Brazilian and Moroccan entrepreneurs , also speaking about the First Annual Festival, that will celebrate, the Moroccan Heritage, Music, Food and Art, where  other cultures will also be celebrated. The Moroccan Festival will be in Downtown Orlando at The Festival Park, by the Milk District, on November 10th, an all day event.

To  improve the night Pasha provided guests with  entertainment ; a belly dancer to grace all present with her beauty and rhythm .Our thanks to Pasha Restaurant for preparing such a great event to all.

Pasha is located at 4104 Millenia Blvd, Orlando, FL 32839 Phone:(407) 730-3222. Now let’s check the pictures!




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