The Fragrance Group Announces the Debut of Tiziana Terenzi Scented Candles Exclusively at Barneys New York

THE FRAGRANCE GROUP TIZIANA TERENZIThe newly released decorative candles from Tiziana Terenzi are now available for purchase at Barneys New York.

The Fragrance Group, known for carrying a variety of high-end scents, has recently added the newest line of scents from Tiziana Terenzi to its inventory. It has also partnered with Barneys New York to offer a line of Tiziana Terenzi scented candles.

“Tiziana Terenzi is known for its exquisite scented candles, which embody the multitude of scents and emotions fire evokes. We’re excited to offer these decorative candles exclusively at Barneys New York stores in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco,” said Alex Shalbaf, CEO of The Fragrance Group.

Tiziana Terenzi, founded in 1968 in Cattolica, Italy, originally made a name for itself as a source of exquisite scented candles. The brand’s core motif centered on the belief that the power of fire is evident in every aspect of life, from emotions to nature to images. In 2012, this emphasis extended to perfumes with the release of the first line of Tiziana Terenzi fragrances, a line that quickly became known as one of the best fragrances available.

The 2013 line from Tiziana Terenzi has only just been released and candles are arriving in Barneys New York stores during the second week of October 2013. The series includes 12 scents, including Capri Fig, Spicy Snow, Mediterranean, Extreme Sense, Black Fire, Almond Vanilla, Ischia Orchid, Ecstasy, Ebony & Teck, XIX March, Gold Rose Oudh, and White Fire.

Each scent represents the 12 fragrances of fire and every Tiziana Terenzi candle has a wooden wick to produce the crackling reminiscent of wood in a fireplace, which enhances the sensorial experience. Each fragrance is available in four different sizes and either comes in a black or white glass container with a gold embellishment.

For more information about the brand new scents from Tiziana Terenzi or to place an order, visit


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