Whiting & Davis Reintroduces Fashion Jewelry With The Cleo Bracelet

For decades, the iconic Whiting & Davis snake bracelet has been known to charm. This fall, the snake returned to announcing Whiting & Davis’ reintroduction into fashion jewelry.WHITING & DAVIS CLEO BRACELETSCommitted to its legacy, the debut highlights Whiting & Davis’ 137 years of history in fashion jewelry. The treasured three-coil bracelet was resurrected with a redesigned silhouette, encrusted with crystals and filled with vibrant enameled colors on the scales of the body. The snake motif was infused in elegant detailing across the collection in flexible mesh designs as well as cuffs, pendants and rings. Whiting & Davis’ renowned metal mesh was also transformed: every shimmering mesh plate filled with a pool of opaque or translucent color, reviving the mesh with new life and creating a sophisticated, fine jewelry appeal.

“Our vision was to create a collection unmistakably Whiting & Davis,” said Darrin Cutler, CEO. “We took pieces of our legacy–our vintage snake and metal mesh–and reinvented them with enameled color and new silhouettes.”

The debut continues Whiting & Davis’ 137-year reputation for fine craftsmanship and high quality. Each piece is designed at the studio in Attleboro Falls and made in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, remaining dedicated to Made in America jewelry. Designs feature bright gold and hematite on hammered textures, pave crystals and a vivid palette of coral, turquoise, periwinkle, white, black, olive, brown and garnet. The 30-piece collection, with necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, ranges in retail from $85 to $575.

A true American legacy, the story of Whiting & Davis began in 1876 with a jewelry collection in sterling silver. Before the end of the century, Whiting & Davis had already built a name for the brand as innovators with fine craftsmanship in mesh jewelry, fashion and accessories. The iconic Whiting & Davis snake made its first appearance in the late 1890s, and through the decades becoming synonymous with the name Whiting & Davis.

Whiting & Davis was established in 1876 as fine silversmiths, in a small town outside of Boston, with a collection of earrings, bracelets, bar pins and stick pins. The brand returned to fine jewelry in 2011 with an elegant collection of sterling silver and 18-karat gold fine mesh jewelry.


SOURCE  Whiting & Davis


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