Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Happy Hour at Orange County Appraiser’s Office

originalMr. Rick Singh Orange County Appraisal and his Office opened its doors to the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, in a welcoming event offering, friendship, learning and networking.OrangeCountyPropertyAppraisersOfficeToOfferStipendToEmployeesWithDomesticPartnersAbstr-120x120

In a speech in the beginning of the ceremony Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Amilcar Cordova spoke a few words and introduced the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce President Maria Luyanda that spoke about her upcoming Executive Board of Directors, her positive impressions about the event, and most of all how pleasant was to see  Chambers together in one event such as The Brazilian American Chamber, The Asian American Chamber, and The Puerto Rico Chamber, demonstrating that we are in the right path for growth and development.

Mr. Singh spoke of the services the Orange County Appraisers Office has improved, his state of the art website that  has won the certificate of Excellence from IAAC for its superior quality, friendly use and level of information, reached by thousands of people every day, also part of the commitment they have to Serve our Community in every aspect they can.

One of his first priorities after being sworn, was to ensure full transparency and efficiency, the implementations of new services, and the attention to minorities, and he is showing that supporting  smaller Chambers, the Hispanic Community and hiring employees that can speak other languages to help  citizens with language barriers.

A tour was provided to all that attended the event, giving all the opportunity to see all the installations in each department and all the progress they are achieving,  using the integration of new technologies and innovations, property appraisal assessments are now more accurate. Thanks to mobile technology, real-time property assessment is being done quickly and efficiently in the field.

In information given by his staff, “In Rick’s first six months in office, OCPA has granted more Homestead exemptions than all of last year, and generated about a million dollars in revenue by recovering money from false claims. His vision to make OCPA more customer and user-friendly is also evident. Delivering essential services faster, increasing efficiency to save taxpayers money, and updating maps and records are all taking place right now.  Rick values citizen feedback and has adopted an open door policy. This all means better, faster service delivered at lower costs to residents of Orange County.

The Office also Presented  Art from renowned Hispanic artist, that were also present and received a commendation from Mr. Singh. The Artists were, Francisco E. Sierra, Felipe Morales, and Julio Sanchez . It was for sure a great event, thanks to all the efforts at The Orange County Property Appraisal Office crew and Mr Rick Singh ” Your Property Appraiser”

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