Asian American Chamber of Commerce – Lunch at The Entrepreneur Center – Orlando

The Lunch at the Entrepreneur Center in Orlando today was a success, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce organized the event providing lunch and a speaker from Merrill LynchWealth Management Advisor John T. Mai, also Vice-President Internal Affairs. We can assure it was not like every investment presentation. It was kept interactive, interesting with many factors about our economy that are relevant, and worth learning. Our world is evolving, and many of the economic aspects in each country, adapt to the many changes in how the strong economies around the world also change. This factors will determine how the market shifts and where to invest with success. Today matters like energy control, longevity, emerging countries, diversity, inflation and a strong productive middle class , can be important factors, strong enough to change the course of  investment markets. A transforming world, like John called.

It was for sure a very  informative seminar. As the year ends all Chambers gather and join each other in events making a powerful statement of how diverse is our community, leaving us with the best feeling about it. What we do is important, it matters, and we can also make important changes.

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