The Friendly Bean Club – In Orlando for the Second Consecutive Year ,

Feijoada is a Saturday tradition in Brazil. Black Beans, rice,  pork,  Collard greens, farofa, orange and  cachaça with lime. In America when you say Thank God It’s Friday, In Brazil we say it is finally Saturday! Let’s gather with friends, and have  a Feijoada .

Based in the great centennial tradition, we are all friends of the bean. A Brazilian table is not complete without it and friendship is much more celebrated with Feijoada, Samba and a lot of friends. For this the Friendly Bean Club was for the first time reunited in 1980, with already founding President Michel Tuma Ness, a man who values friendship much more than everyone else, and recognizes it as the strongest bond among human race, if respected.

“He says himself : Everything passes only friendship stays. No road is too long when we have the company of a friend. And it is at The Friendly Bean Club that I find the friends to follow my journey.”

The Friendly Bean is an open Organization, no rules, no Bylaws. It is based in respect, friendship, and a hand shake means more than a signature. Old principles, to sustain the oldest rule in the world, but so hard to find this days. Mr Tuma- Michelão  for  everyone  he knows, has the hardest job, and the biggest challenge, to keep the Friendly Bean Club faithful to its main reason to exist for the last 32 years. A Club destined to promote understanding, friendly gathering, enhance humanity, and help you find a little more understanding among this crazy world. The Bean Friends ( Feijoeiros ) meet not only in Brazil but also in many countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Chile,  France, Portugal, Spain, the USA (Miami, New York and Orlando) Russia and South Africa promoting friendship, and building a tradition everywhere it goes. So Today, when we gathered at The Ramada Gateway In Kissimmee, and ate Camila’s Restaurant great Feijoada , having a great time, we have to thank God for the Friendly Bean Club to come all the way from Brazil and teach us about friendship and trust. Thanks to all  the services provided,  volunteers and food for the event, and also thanks to Marcelo Mattos for the dedication, and Michel Tuma Ness for the best lesson in life. Now let’s check the pictures!

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