The MLS is Here! Orlando City Soccer MLS #21-2015

Being Part of Something Great!

At 6 PM the crowd entered the Hall. The same fans that moved the Citrus Bowl during the last years, had also hoped and dream for the MLS  campaign to become a reality. Now the MLS is finally here and honored by all the ones that worked so hard to conquer it. The voices again united spoke loud to the hearts that are in tune with this magic moment. The Orlando Lions fans are very dear to us, we have been following the team for two consecutive years and there is no words to describe the realization of a dream.

The World is watching! Since 1994 when the Orlando Lions was created, Phil Rawlins was there to lead a team destined to great accomplishments.  Now looking back, the Orlando Lions  has written a history of victories and Glory. From then til now, they have experienced one of the greatest journeys a soccer team could wish for. With their beloved coach Adrian Heath, a new modern multi-purpose stadium in the near future, and the dream of being part of the Major League Soccer turning into reality, the sky is the limit ! The PRO Team is really achieving all they can.

In the stage were, Governor Rick Scott, Mayor Buddy Dyer, All City Commissioners, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs,  OC Commissioners, Dr. Darryl Osbahr M.D. from Orlando Health, Coach Adrian Heath, President Phil Rawlins, and Flavio Augusto da Silva, the one who gave the final push to make it all happen.

When the Orlando Lion’s President  Phil Rawlins entered the stage he had an ovation, in his speech he spoke about their long time dream, each stone that built the foundation to raise this great project, and today everything comes to a decision. He said “A lot of people believed in this dream and made it a reality”.

President Phil introduced Flavio Augusto da Silva as the man who came from Brazil and gave the final kick to their dream realization, even with so many that still didn’t know Flavio , it was clear that his popularity is already on the rise and he has the respect of the team leaders and many in the Community.  The man who came from Brazil to change the way Orlando plays soccer.

” We are a part of History, we made it happen! This is very important to the City and to all of us, we have been expecting this announcement for a long time. what are we going to do with this? We came to win !” The crowd went crazy, among them were screams asking for Kaka’ the Brazilian soccer player. Flavio promised to take the plane to Europe and speak with a player in the near future but didn’t mention names.

The MLS Commissioner Don Garber came into stage and recognized everyone’s hard work, he said ” These two Mayors are really cool!” after a few considerations the announcement came and after that everything was absolutely crazy. A night to remember, just the beginning with a lot more to come. The History s still on the make and will not stop here. Great things are coming. Now let’s check the pictures!!!!

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