Gilson’s Brazilian Restaurant grand opening. Photos By Sandro Coutinho.

1-SCA_7855Gilson the sole proprietor of Vittorio’s Restaurant on International Drive, has just opened a new venue named Gilson’s Brazilian Restaurant in Lake Buena Vista.  Lots of style, beautiful decor, a great Buffet, and also an a La Carte  Menu, available for the avid gourmet, along with the usual excellent service.

The Grand opening was a major happening for the Brazilian Community, that was present in great number and had the opportunity to  visit the beautiful Restaurant, built according to Gilson’s 1-SCA_7757words to be the icon of his dream. Gilson is a self-made entrepreneur, that like many others came to the US, with very little money in his pocket but money did not stop him. He has always been a hard worker, good listener and in consequence a fast learner. His trajectory to success was fast due to his dedication and love for what he does, and that same enthusiasm is leading him to build an empire.

His employees adore him, he is an example to be followed not only as an entrepreneur but also as human being. It was for sure a special night with many important people, and also counted with the presence of Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings that helped Gilson cut the ribbon. We have a few photos taken by Sandro Coutinho, the event’s official photographer.  Gilson’s is located at 8191 Vineland Avenue, Orlando-Fl. 32821 Please check the photos!

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