Trend Alert: Scooters Not Skate Boards On Every Holiday Wish List

GRYNDO SCOOTERS– Scootering now a major action sport for millions of kids worldwide

– How to shop for the right “pro” scooter
Skate parks everywhere are filled with kids on scooters where once there were skateboards.  Launched over a decade ago with the Razor Scooter, scooter riding is now a global action sport, hugely popular more recently in the US and Canada, as kids aged 5 to 25 grind on rails or leap into BMX-style aerials.

For parents committed to fueling their kids’ passions, this buying guide will help you purchase the right pro scooter this holiday season. Boutique online scooter retailers Gryndo Scooters ( and Razorama ( have sprung up to cater to the freestyle scooter trend.

Getting Started
The entry level Razor “Pro X” and MGP “Flow” range in price from $65 to $120 and are perfect for riders ages 5 to 9. These pro scooters are a step up from the original, foldable Razor Scooter which can break easily as they were not built for stunts. Today’s stunt scooters no longer fold, are stronger and therefore much safer. (Reminder: don’t forget safety gear with helmets, elbow and knee pads.)

The Next Level
The mid-level Razor “Pro XXX”,  MGP VX3 “Team Edition” and Lucky Scooters’ “Crew V3” range in price from $130 to $230. These stunt scooters are designed for the intermediate rider who has mastered a few tricks. The metal-core wheels are the key upgrade on these scooters as metal cores won’t shatter. They also use higher-end components, providing additional stability.

For the Serious Rider
The high-end MGP Nitro “End of Days” and Lucky “Strata” range in price from $250 to $400. These scooters are built for the passionate, freestyle rider who spends hours per week riding in the street or at the park and is dreaming of being professionally sponsored.  These scooters are also lighter and more durable and are loaded with high impact, pro scooter parts.  For the aspiring pro, Gryndo exclusively features the limited edition, black Madd Gear “End of Days” Signature Scooter signed by Ryan Williams (pictured here), with nearly 100,000 Facebook fans and millions of YouTube views.

Watch experienced scooter riders performing tricks here:

SOURCE  Gryndo Scooters


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