Superstation Media – Globo International-Annual Feijoada-Miami 2013

With plenty of reasons to celebrate another great year of Success, Jo & Yara Cavaignac commanded one more Annual Feijoada with lots of friends and clients at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami.

This year Globo TV sent two famous actors, two everyone’s favorites Nanda Costa e Murilo Rosa, and that was enough to take the party into another level of greatness. Superstation Media is the official representative of Globo TV International in the US, Latin America and Caribe, became one of the leaders in Audience in the US competing with major networks such as ABC, and CBS, and is also a leader in Brazil. Jo & Yara Cavaignac with their vast experience, have set the tone in the Brazilian Media Marketing, since their opening in Miami, transforming the business into a multi-million Dollar operation, opening the doors to many other Brazilian Advertising operators.

The Globo International Feijoada is also a partnership with Carlos Borges, CEO at PMM-Plus Media & Marketing- in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Area, whose objective is to promote,  protect and preserve the Brazilian Culture, bringing it to not only the US, but also, London and Japan. Among its creations is Talento Brasil, a talent contest for Brazilians in the entire US, and the Brazilian Press Awards, event that promotes the Brazilian Media in the US, and Brazilian Art  professionals in many areas, also offering with seminars, shows, and prizes to all dedicated professionals.

During the event today, many prizes were given, such as tickets to Brazil, round-trip from LanTAM, American Airlines, and GOL. A check for US$500,00 fron Banco Brasil Americas, a huge basket from Perfumeland with many products, a US$500,00 gift certificate from Confiança Moving, and many more prizes. The Support to Superstation is enormous and proof that their hardwork and dedication pays off. The highlight of the event was Paulo Gualano and his Samba Group, with a magnificent performance that brought everyone to the dance floor, it was like a Carnaval Ball from the old times. Gualano has a Samba group that performs allover the Country to many renowned companies,weddings and events and you can find him on the website The combination between the samba and the Mulatas is unforgettable. Brazilian Samba by one of the best! The event was coordinated by Blend Connections , and catering by ABCatering.

It was a really great afternoon, with all surrounded by friends, clients and a great atmosphere. Our sincere thank you to Yara e Jo, and their crew at Superstation. Check the pictures!

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