64867-Nina-Garcia-originalStyle Expert Nina Garcia Shares Tips on Platinum Jewelry to Complement Various Party Looks

 Nina Garcia’s work as the Creative Director of Marie Claire magazine, and judge on the show “Project Runway” has cemented her as a fashion trendsetter and style expert. As an outspoken lover of platinum jewelry designs, Garcia shares tips on how to accessorize appropriately for New Year‘s Eve parties. “Platinum jewelry literally lasts forever, so it’s a worthwhile investment,” says Garcia. “Plus, a platinum setting makes diamonds and colored gemstones sparkle, so it’s ideal for New Year’s Eve festivities!”64867-Beladora-originalFormal Dress Code Tip:
Make a statement with one major piece of jewelry to draw attention to your face shape, neck, or arm. Linear diamond drop earrings, a large cuff bracelet with a geometric design, or a tassel necklace set in platinum adds a dramatic effect to any gown.

Semiformal Dress Code Tip:
You might be wearing an LBD, but don’t be afraid to add color with your jewelry. Ring in 2014 with Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of the Year. Or, choose the symbolic holiday hues red and green. Ruby and emeralds set in platinum will add warmth to your black dress.

Winter Festive Dress Code Tip:
Forget about the notion of foregoing white during the winter! I’m a big fan of accessorizing with white diamonds and pearls when set in a vintage inspired design, especially on a snowy New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s a pair of platinum studs or a cocktail ring, you will look timeless and sophisticated.

64867-Stuller-originalCasual Dress Code Tip:
Just because you can wear jeans and a blouse to a party, it doesn’t imply that you should skip your jewels. However, I would suggest keeping your accessories simple and modern. Pendants with fun shapes including bows or snowflakes, and stackable rings and bangles with colored gemstones will spice up to your outfit.

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