South Beach Diet Says “Yes” To Snacking

SOUTH BEACH DIET SNACKINGAnd “NO” to artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and sugar alcohols
South Beach Diet, the trusted choice for millions seeking a total solution for losing weight and gaining health, is bringing a bold new idea to healthy living and dieting with strategic snacking.Three squares a day is yesterday’s news. Now we know the way to go is three balanced meals plus two healthy snacks.

Snacks now make up one third of our daily caloric intake. More than 50% of Americans snack two to three times a day, and morning snacking has trended up in the past decade, so we all better be snacking strategically with delicious, nutritious snacks, or we will pay the price in unwanted weight gain.

Strategic snacking — the right, well-timed snacks — helps you shed pounds, keep weight in check, and not overeat at your next meal.

The South Beach Diet offers these strategic snacking tips:

—  Avoid convenient snacks loaded with sugar, calories and fat — there are
easy, great-tasting, nutritious alternatives for you
—  Check so-called “healthy” snacks; just because its name or package says
“healthy” doesn’t mean it is; many have all sorts of junk in them, like
artificial flavors and preservatives — read the nutrition label
—  Choose snacks with everything you want — it’s not just carrots and
celery sticks; there are items like yummy high-fiber, high-protein
crunchy bars and creamy smoothies to keep you full and satisfied; plus
so many quick-to-prepare nourishing snack recipes
—  Shun snacks with artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, sugar
alcohols, or grams of trans fat — they work against your strategic
snacking weight and health goals
South Beach Diet offers a popular and growing line of delicious, easy-to-carry-along snacks for protein- and fiber-rich snacking wherever you are. They satisfy all the way to the next meal, stabilize your blood sugar, and help curb sweet cravings. South Beach Diet snack products include: great-tasting protein- and fiber-packed 100-Calorie Snack Bars in flavors like Whipped Peanut Butter and Chocolate Caramel Nut; thick, rich South Beach Diet Smoothies — the only “shake” in the diet aisle specifically designed with only 100 calories — that have 45% less sugar than the leading weight-loss shake*; South Beach Diet ProteinFit bars in Vanilla Caramel and Honey Peanut covered in a scrumptious Greek yogurt coating and offering 16 grams of protein; South Beach Diet Good to Go Bars made with natural whole grains; tasty Gluten-Free Bars in Dark Chocolate; Gluten-Free Chewy Nut Bars in Chocolate Chunk, and flavorful South Beach Diet Good to Go Bars — Extra Fiber in Dark Chocolate, among other items.

The South Beach Diet app helps guide readers away from artificial junk food and toward near-perfect snacks. It includes great recipes, advice on snack timing and techniques, information on how your body reacts to healthy snacking and why it works so well, and the latest on options available on the market for tasty strategic snacking.

As always, South Beach Diet has the skinny on strategic snacking ideas, recipes, meal plans, and more at, and nutritious, delicious products in stores nationwide.

*South Beach Diet Smoothies: 8g sugar per 8 fl. oz., vs. the leading weight-loss shake, which has 18g sugar per 10 fl. oz.

About South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet, a trusted choice for millions seeking a total solution for losing weight and gaining health, is a globally recognized brand with a portfolio that contains a substantial new offering of nutritionally balanced foods, available to consumers in over 45,000 doors nationwide (including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Publix and Safeway). South Beach Diet also comprises, a compelling interactive web property that provides tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, recipes, exercise routines, customized meal plans, and support from registered dietitians; the fully featured South Beach Diet mobile app, that offers premium content and the easiest to use, most feature-rich diet experience in mobile; and a continuing series of New York Times bestselling books, with over 23 million copies in print, written by renowned preventive cardiologist Arthur Agatston. The South Beach Diet is where healthy never looked so good.(TM)

SOURCE  South Beach Diet

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