Orange County Tax Collector Now Offers Full Service Appointments Online

download (3)ORANGE— In Scott Randolph’s continued commitment to streamline and modernize services, the Orange County Tax Collector’s office has expanded its online appointment system to include all DHSMV functions. Customers can now make an appointment for driver license transactions, tags, titles, and CDL TSA Hazmat endorsements. This new feature will significantly reduce wait times across the board. From Tax Collector Scott Randolph:

“I am proud to say that our office is at the forefront of modern technology and convenience for taxpayers. We have designed a more interactive and user friendly website and have now expanded our online appointment system to include a full range of services. Our goal is to continue investing in technology to reduce wait times and make government more efficient and effective for taxpayers. You can now make an appointment online from the convenience of your computer or smart phone, and have the reassurance of knowing you won’t need to set aside a large chunk of your day to wait at the tax collector office.”

Beta testing for the appointment system was conducted last year at select locations for driver license renewals. In December of 2013 the average wait times for those who made an appointment for a driver license renewal was 4 minutes, compared to a 47 minute wait time for walk-ins.

“In July of last year, 1% of customers used the appointment system for driver license services, now we are at 6% and growing. Our goal is to have 1 in 5 people schedule an appointment with our office rather than just walk in,” concludes Randolph.

Currently the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers appointments for licenses only.



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