Hispanic Chamber of Commerce metro Orlando-Advocacy Series

Community Service is a gift, it tests your ability to serve others, the dedication of your time. Learn where exactly you must improve in order to help your community and your organization .

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Community Service is a serious dedication of hard work, not always recognized the way it should, but it is always important, and touches lives in many different ways. Set an example as a Chamber is the ultimate work of people that knows how to make a difference, and have dedicated their time to create more, not getting  satisfied with just the ordinary.

We were pleased to attend  at  HCCMO Civic Advocacy Series,  presented by Orlando Health with Senator Andy Gardiner (R)   a Community leader, from Florida, with roots in Orlando and it was a very clarifying presentation, about many topics  that concerns us and the community at the moment. At the end,  many of the attendees could ask questions and  get sound answers, about their concerns.

It was a great event at the Entrepreneur Center,and reunited several leaders of our Community.

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