Disposable Underwear For Babies, As Inspired By Modern Parents

Parasol Co. Launches Their First Monthly Subscription Box Of Fashion-Forward Baby Essentials, Including Ultra-Soft Disposable Underwear For Babies

Parasol Co., a newly launched family essentials brand that reimagines baby care for the modern parent, has just released Parasol Disposable Underwear for Babies. With a thin and ultra-soft design, both engineered and crafted to look and feel like underwear, Parasols give parents a more meaningful option in baby care that’s also highly absorbent and effective in preventing leaks and blowouts.

“This is about the comfort through which your child experiences life,” says CEO, Lisa Hom. “That’s why we spent years developing a velvet-like topsheet to cradle your baby’s skin, commissioning emerging artists to hand-paint our first season of designer inspired prints, and worked until we found the perfect balance of absorbency and thinness. What we ended up with was disposable underwear for babies – something beautiful, chic and thoughtful. It makes perfect sense when you consider the kind of experience and craftsmanship this new generation of parents demands from the products they use.”

Parasol’s first season of Disposable Underwear for Babies was revealed earlier this month, with three custom collections – Delight, Discover and Dream – all designed by renowned artist Ashley Goldberg. The vivid colors and bold brush strokes of the inaugural collections balance playfulness against restraint, inspired by the timeless yet whimsical nature of parenthood itself.

Available in a monthly subscription box or for individual pack purchase, parents can enjoy Parasols along with their signature wipes – an exceptionally thick, cloth-like baby wipe infused with organic aloe and refreshing cucumber. Phthalate-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free, Parasol wipes are made in California and reflect the company’s commitment to baby-safe materials, just as they do with their eco-conscious, responsibly made Disposable Underwear for Babies.

“We want young parents and their babies to be seen. We’re creating the kinds of unexpected products for a fashionable, well-designed, deeply comforting childhood. The kind of childhood that modern parents want to give to their children,” says Hom. “You don’t do that by making the same thing everyone else has made for decades. You have to be daring.”

To mark their launch and first season debut, Parasol and Daybreaker LA have teamed up for Lovebeats: a daytime baby rave and family event meant to indulge the senses. Parents and families in the LA area are invited to join on Saturday, June 4th from 10am to 1pm at The Springs, and can get tickets here: lovebeats.eventbrite.com
SOURCE  Parasol Co.

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