Gov. Rosselló Urges Congress To Avoid Medicaid Cliff

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello and Resident Commissioner Jennifer Gonzázlez-Colón Hold Joint Press Conference Urging Congress to Take Immediate Action to Avoid ‘Medicaid Cliff’ 

(March 22, 2017-Washington, D.C./Capitol Hill) The Governor of Puerto Rico, Hon. Ricardo Rossello and Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner Hon. Jennifer Gonzalez spoke to a group on Capitol Hill today to urge Congress to immediately address the urgent and entirely avoidable health care crisis known as the ‘Medicaid Cliff’.


Rossello and Gonzalez were joined by a delegation of several legislators from Puerto Rico, members of the governor’s administration, and two members of the US Congress, Cong. Jose Serrano (D-NY), Cong. Sean Duffy (R-WI) and Carlos Curbelo (R-FL).


“ We are here to alert Congress about this important issue that is challenging not only to Puerto Rico, but sure to have significant fallout on the federal government and many states on the mainland”, said Governor Rossello in his statement. Rossello continued “ If not addressed soon, it will contribute to increasing the already high migration from Puerto Rico and….cause severe strain on the budgets of mainland states like Florida, New York and Texas”.


Rossello noted that approximately 500,000 Puerto Ricans are Medicaid eligible and would be impacted and lose coverage if the issue is not resolved.


“ We urge Congress to protect its citizens in Puerto Rico and taxpayers on the mainland, and address this critical issue now”, said Governor Rossello.

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