Soccer and the City

We have seen these guys play their game so many times! But today we saw them giving their best to and audience that not only loved them but were there for a great cause.

Rob Valentino #22 Defense

WHAT HAS MADE ORLANDO CITY THE TEAM AND CLUB YOU’VE REALLY THRIVED AT AS A DEFENDER? The setup around me is the biggest thing. Everyone from the front office to the coaches, it’s an environment where it’s easy to thrive. The coaches are top-level and it’s fun to play here. This organization has been great…

The new Issue ! AboutUS Magazine #5

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Brazil represented in the Nation’s Soccer Cup Miami

Sabado, 04 de fevereiro o Ted Hendricks Stadium em Hialeah, foi anfitrião de mais um campeonato de futebol de times locais. Todos os países que competiram, como o Brasil, Chile, Nicaragua, Equador, Estados Unidos, Venezuela e Mexico também levaram seus grupos folclóricos para representa-los.