Iron Man Comes to Visit !

Today was a special day for many kids,  a day for fun and play, in the way we play in endless summer afternoons. Water games, fun food and the parents and friends gathering around to celebrate along. Today we celebrated friendship, strong ties and above all the love that holds us together as friends becoming family…

The Birthday Emotion

Life is funny, you think you have control of it but God is the main commander. Many years ago, I lost the feeling for Birthdays, I stopped celebrating, my heart was closed for inventory and all this birthday emotions kind of fell into a hidden box. 

Happy Birthday Amy !

We all reunited to celebrate a Birthday! A remarkable woman, with the strength of a lioness, and the biggest heart you can find. Orlando is proud to have her, and she has served almost everyone  that needs or asks for her help.

Dear Sean’s 40th B-Day

  Sean’s 40th Birthday celebration, I am glad I met him, he is the younger brother and the friend that you can’t take out of your sight.

First Baptist Orlando – Brazilian Ministry- A bright new day.

Today, one more day, a new beginning and the certainty to be among good friends. Life is full of surprises and the feeling of being on the right place is priceless. The house of the Father is big enough for all of us, and suddenly we see everything with a better perspective. After the rain the…


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