Orlando City Lions X DC United 

Photos By Hotspotorlando-All Rights Reserved I am no expert, the game had lots of great moments, the Ruckus on top of their lungs screaming, best of all they communicate with the rest of the fans! There is a unity. O jogo bonito (beautiful game) is getting there, but we need more spice to the recipe.

Banco do Brasil Americas grand Opening.

It happened on Wednesday, the press conference and the grand opening at the new Branch in Orlando. Marked by success, BB Americas opens with a record number of 140 new accounts, in just a few days, since its soft opening in the beginning of February. Already considered one of the best 40 banks in the…

Gilson’s Brazilian Restaurant grand opening. Photos By Sandro Coutinho.

Gilson the sole proprietor of Vittorio’s Restaurant on International Drive, has just opened a new venue named Gilson’s Brazilian Restaurant in Lake Buena Vista.  Lots of style, beautiful decor, a great Buffet, and also an a La Carte  Menu, available for the avid gourmet, along with the usual excellent service.