CFBACC-Business After Hours-New Presidency Officially Announced @BoiBrazil Churrascaria

In a great event organized by BoiBrazil  Churrascaria, CFBACC  members and guests reunited one more time to network and to witness President Amy Litter transfer command to Vice-President External Affairs Laiz Rodrigues. Continue reading “CFBACC-Business After Hours-New Presidency Officially Announced @BoiBrazil Churrascaria”

Nelore Brazilian Steakhouse – WinterPark


Nelore Brazilian Steakhouse

115 E Lyman Ave

Winter Park, Florida,


Phone: 407.645.1112

Nelore Steakhouse is proud to be a successful family operated business.We strive to create a comfortable family atmosphere where great food and a great experience go hand in hand. Nelore’s extensive Harvest Station boasts over45 delectable dishes, each individually created to compliment any palette, with choices ranging from delicious smoked salmon to fresh asparagus, an assortment of gourmet cheeses as well as a variety of freshly made hot and cold dishes, just to name a few. Following the salad bar, we have several different cuts of beef, chicken, pork and lamb that are continuously served in a table-side manner by our meat carvers,or ‘Gauchos.’

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