Aquarena Beverage Expands its Line-Up to Include All-Natural Energy Drink

FUGA Life in Rexam 12 oz. Sleek® Cans is First Energy Drink to Partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation® “The healthy energy drink YOU’LL FEEL GOOD about drinking.” That’s the mantra of the newest member of the Aquarena Beverage family, FUGA Life, which has hit the market in 12 oz. Sleek® Cans from Rexam.

Red Bull Gives You Flavors

The Taste of Cranberry, Lime & Blueberry, The Effect of Red Bull – Now Available Nationwide In the most anticipated category launch since the modern energy drink was introduced to the U.S. in 1997, Red Bull® Energy Drink today is rolling out three new flavors available nationwide.  In new red, silver and blue cans, the…