CFBACC-First Brazilian Business Expo & Independence Day Celebration- 2013- A Memorable Event

The Independence Day Celebration always existed as part of CFBACC calendar that today requires a lot more, CFBACC has set a new standard, where celebrating is not the biggest part but teach, inform and promote are priority and for that reason they needed to step up to the plate and offer the Community what they really need and deserved. A networking event large enough to have exhibitors and have everyone networking, getting leads, listening to educational panels, and getting valuable information.
The Immigration Panel offered had four stars inthe field. Scot Silzer –Business Immigration, Felipe Alexandre – Crimmigration, Alex Piquet-Real Estate, and Euri Cerrud II – Asset protection and business, that brilliantly put the most important Business and Immigration topics in an easy presentation where everyone could understand and get great information.

At the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony were present, CFBACC President Amy Litter, Property Appraiser
Rick Singh, Commissioner Ortiz, Luiz Martinez-Alicea Director of Multicultural Affairs for Mayor Buddy Dyer, Cindy Brown representing Congressman Daniel Webster, and Hector Perez, Senior Manager-Hispanic & Brazilian Markets – New York Life.

New York Life and Moneycorp made a presentation about financial planning and Capital transfer regulations from Brazil to US. Everything in a very clear way.
Setting a very happy tone, Rythym X mastered their Zumba, presentation setting the room on fire it was absolutely contagious.
Later on Capoeira Pelourinho- Mestre Lazaro and their Children students commanded the show, in an impressive way.

After a brief recess, Danielli and Felipe came specially to sing the National Anthem and the Brazilian Anthem gracing the event with their beautiful voices. They were the Talento Brazil 2012 Winners, and CFBACC was happy to have them as part of the event.

The sponsors responsible for the event were Bright House Networks, OUC The Reliable One, Moneycorp, Crowne Plaza Orlando, and New York Life it had 31 Exhibitors of the highest value and professionalism.

Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal was great, without their service, competence and hard work it would not be possible to have the success CFBACC had! And to all volunteers CFBACC President Litter later gave them a special thanks for the great help.

The greatest delicious cake was provided by Pao Gostoso Bakery, the Best Brazilian Bakery in town.

To close all this, a great cocktail hour Phoebe Samba Show ignited everyone with a great show.
After all in Brazil everything always ends in Samba ! Now let’s check the pictures!!!!!!

New York Life presents their new Brazilian Hispanic Team to serve our Community.

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New York Life is a Company that excel not only for the services rendered to the Community, but also for the growth and security that offers to all its clients. Today new York Life offered a beautiful Dinner at The Citrus Club Orlando to present their new Team created to perform in the Brazilian and Hispanic Community. Continue reading “New York Life presents their new Brazilian Hispanic Team to serve our Community.”

CFBACC – End of the year Celebration 2012

cfbacc end of the year (36)

The year is almost over, and it is time to celebrate all the good things that happened! For us at CFBACC it was a challenging year, but the support and inspiration of all the friends we gathered along this time was overwhelming, and it proves that help sometimes comes from the most unexpected sources. Continue reading “CFBACC – End of the year Celebration 2012”

CFBACC @ Cariera’s by Castelli Cuccina Italiana

Countdown to the end of the year we just had our 10th Business After Hours of the year. Now with two more months to go with the 2012 Board we can say it has been a very interesting Journey.

Continue reading “CFBACC @ Cariera’s by Castelli Cuccina Italiana”

CFBACC @ Crowne Plaza- Our Independence Day Celebration.

CFBACC President Amy Litter

The Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce was more than honored to receive all her guests, members and Directors to celebrate the 190 years of  Brazilian Independence. As Mayor Buddy Dyer representative Luis Martinez-Alicea proclaimed the 7th of September 2012 , Brazilian Independence Day, in a certified proclamation document signed by the Mayor honoring all of us. Continue reading “CFBACC @ Crowne Plaza- Our Independence Day Celebration.”

New Hope Assistance Center first Anniversary

For everything there is a time, a year ago the New Hope Assistance Center started, I remember we had a Ladies’s tea to celebrate, but in another circles other people also started their journey, like the Brazilian Consul in Florida, Helio Vitor Ramos Filho, that was just arriving in Miami. Continue reading “New Hope Assistance Center first Anniversary”

New York Life-CFBACC @ Fogo de Chão.

New York Life as one of the sponsors for the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, organized a Presentation about Tax implications for foreigner investors, with speaker Glenn M. Terrones. The event was offered by New York Life with the Chamber Support, to more than 75 people at Fogo de Chão, that divided the event in two parts, presentation and cocktail right after the presentation, with the usual great service and food.

Continue reading “New York Life-CFBACC @ Fogo de Chão.”

New York Life and Accent Brokers Insurance, together for the Community in event @ Fogo de Chão Steakhouse

New York Life and Accent Insurance join forces  to reach out for the Brazilian and Latin market, in a strong partnership. Continue reading “New York Life and Accent Brokers Insurance, together for the Community in event @ Fogo de Chão Steakhouse”

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando Business Connection hosted by New York Life

By specific definition, “networking is the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business”, a few years ago such thing was another word that people just wondered about. Today networking is the first possibility people look for, when gathering with others. There is always an angle, an opportunity of landing that contract, or the chance to meet the right person to get your company to the next level. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando has for many years given that opportunity to many businesses, small and large, to connect and grow.

Continue reading “Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando Business Connection hosted by New York Life”

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