Nike goes green

Nike has created a series of cutting-edge, lightweight performance innovations designed for the track, the basketball court and beyond for this summer.  Multiple products have been designed to help athletes achieve their full potential, ranging from Nike Flyknit footwear, to the Nike Hyper Elite basketball uniform to the Nike Pro TurboSpeed suit.

Nike Flyknit: tennis that will revolutionize the marathons- Portuguese & English

Nike Flyknit: tennis that will revolutionize the marathons   To address the 42km of a marathon with more comfort and speed, Nike designed the innovative Flyknit, sneakers for long-distance races featuring only the essential. The shoe has received a new type of knitted with Flyknit technology, in which the wires are strategically positioned to have an extra…

Perfumeland Christmas Party

End of the year for Perfumeland that celebrated in a great event at LUX Lounge. Pablo, Alejandro and  Tony one more time hosted the party, and distributed prizes at the end, and thanked all the employees that are part of the huge success the Company has.

Made in China

The new shirt for the Brazilian soccer team is Made in China The Uruguayan blog “All about T”, led by @ eletetsc had access to photos of a Chinese shop that would have received the new shirts of national teams sponsored by Nike.