Frends Launch Jewellery-inspired Headphone Line Exclusively at Avenue 32

 Launched in the US in October last year, the designer jewellery-inspired headphones range is now available in the UK and can be found exclusively online at Avenue 32. Designed to resemble jewellery and provide an exceptional sound experience, Frends headphones are the first to blur the line between style, functionality and electronics.           

WILD PLANET PRODUCTIONS Announces A New Television Series: BIGGEST AND BADDEST With Niall McCann

Biggest and Baddest features global explorer/wildlife biologist Niall McCann pursuing huge, ferocious animals wherever they’re found in the world. Niall follows up on legendary accounts of these formidable animals:  handling them, measuring them or getting as close as possible- to discover the truth.  In each country, he tells the story of these animals’ survival and struggle in…